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PizzaRev Taproom Invites You To Get Personal With Food And Drink

PizzaRev, that fast and fresh construct-your-own-pie parlor with locations on South Rainbow (Las Vegas) and West Sunset Road (Henderson) just added a third store – with a spirited twist.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Pizza Rev Taproom’s new location at 2400 S. Rancho Drive offers a new 21+ way to customize your order.  With a pay by the ounce, mix and match capability, customers wearing a special RFID wristband that syncs with their drink order, can visit the city’s largest, self-pour draft beer wall.  There are 18 draft beers – which rotate seasonally - and wines to choose from.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

One Wall, Eighteen Beers

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Taproom Wristband

The classic combo of pizza and beer can now be paired literally hundreds of ways.  Carnivores can enjoy a meat-laden creation with a glass of Big Dogs Peace Love & Hoppyness, while a vegan guest assembles a veggie pie with Great basin Outlaw Oatmeal Stout. Or vice versa.  Or none of the above.  There are literally too many combinations to count.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

A Custom Couple

With a Grand Opening taking place on Saturday, July 8, 2017, your Humble Correspondent (HC) took a trip down the “ingredient conga line” (my words) aided by friendly and helpful “construction workers”/servers.  PizzaRev offers a flat price for any 11” artisanal pizza with unlimited toppings.  A one-cheese pizza and kids meals are also available for slightly less.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Place Your Order

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

The Custom Half-Carnivore

Start by choosing your crust, made from hand-crafted dough. PizzaRev specializes in their signature thin (and crispy) crust, although there is a slightly thicker double-dough variety.  The signature crust also comes in a gluten-free version, virtually indistinguishable from its wheat-filled cousin, and both are vegan as well.  You can hear each “bite” in the finished product.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Gluten-Free Glory

The menu is marked with tiny symbols to denote vegan ingredients or those containing gluten. Allergens like corn, eggs, fish, soy, peanuts, etc. can be avoided by filling out a checklist before ordering.

After crust selection you’ll get to choose from five sauce selections, including olive oil.  You are not limited to one choice.  Have a bold BBQ mixed with spicy tomato, or an olive oil/Alfredo combo if you feel like it.

Cheese choices include feta, bleu, ricotta, and Daiya vegan in addition to the classic mozzarella (with buffalo milk, low-fat version also available).  Again, mix and match to your heart’s desire.

When you arrive at the colorful palette of toppings, you’ll choose from 11 proteins and 29 veggies, and three finishing sauces.  All of this takes place right in front of you as you watch your personal masterpiece being created.  For example, you can choose one or all of the proteins (meats) or fashion a mountain of mushrooms atop an Alfredo pie.  Or both.  You are the director of your pizza production.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Ingredients Galore

Knowledgeable servers will always double-check your anchovy preference as well, whether it’s “full speed ahead” or “absolutely not!”

Those who prefer the classics can choose from seven Our Way pizzas (crust is your choice) like Margherita, Mediterranean, the Classic (pepperoni) and BBQ Chicken, among others.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Gluten-free White Mushroom

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Custom Mostly Meat

Your pizza creation is then flame-fired in a 900 degree stone-bed oven and is ready in just three minutes, so that wait times are surprisingly minimal.

Want something lighter? Seven salads beckon, with names like Chicken Caesar and Tuscan Herb Cobb, assembled from fresh, colorful ingredients.  Of course, the more adventurous guest may construct their own in any combination and with a choice of five dressings.  The bowls are large and the dressings are served on the side. Both pizza and salad creations serve up a crunch in every bite.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Custom Salad #1


Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Custom Salad #2

Bottled water, fountain drinks including iced tea, and Jones sodas are available for those who don’t imbibe, whether by age or preference. Have a sweet tooth?  An oven-baked chocolate chip cookie or the Oreo Dessert Pizza can satisfy it.  Your HC, always prepared to go the distance, sample the Oreo “pizza” and found it to be as delectable as any bakery creation, although very, very cinnamon-based.

Photo Credit: Stephen Thorburn

Oreo Dessert Pizza

To celebrate PizzaRev Taproom’s opening on July 8, guests 21+ (bring I.D.) will receive a free pizza with the purchase of a 16-ounce beer.  Hours are 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Let the REVolution begin.

About PizzaRev:
Los Angeles-based PizzaRev was founded in 2012 and operates 46 locations in 14 states and Mexico. 

For further information, visit www.pizzarev.com


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