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Las Vegas Favorite Ping Pang Pong Remodels, Expands to Accommodate 300+

Since its debut in 2001, Ping Pang Pong has been a celebrated destination restaurant, one of the jewels in the Las Vegas culinary crown. The acclaimed and popular eatery, located within the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, has recently undergone a $4 million dollar renovation that has injected a warm elegance into its expanded interior.  Ping Pang Pong’s expansion is the latest in a series of restaurant debuts at Boyd Gaming properties, the result of a $100 million dollar investment in company-wide upgrades.

Banquet Room

Photo: Courtesy Boyd Gaming

Private Dining Room

Photo: Courtesy Boyd Gaming
A ribbon cutting was held on July 12, 2017 for invited guests and members of the media.  Bill Boyd, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Boyd Gaming Corporation, was on hand along with members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Ping Pang Pong’s owners, Karrie Hung and Kevin Wu, to officially commemorate the occasion.  

Marianne Johnson, Vice Chairman, Bill Boyd, Executive Chairman of Boyd Gaming and Members of the Asian Chamber of Commerce

Photo: Courtesy Boyd gaming

Marianne Johnson, Karrie Hung (Ping Pang Pong Owner), Bill Boyd, Kevinn Wu (Ping Pang Pong Owner)

Photo: Courtesy Boyd Gaming


A dragon dance followed immediately after the ribbon cutting ceremony at the entrance of the restaurant, with three teams coordinating swift, precise movements in scarlet costumes.

Photo: Courtesy Boyd Gaming

Letters of congratulation to Ping Pang Pong were read by representatives of Senator Dean Heller and Representative Dina Titus.

Your Humble Correspondent (HC) noted the following in experiencing the newly remodeled space.

Two Chinese foo dog sculptures flank the entrance.  A pair of large abaci (aka abacuses) stand just inside while serene Buddha statues provide a contrast to the usual bustle of the always busy open kitchen setup at the back of the restaurant that provides diners a glimpse of the preparations.  

The New Exterior

Photo: Courtesy Boyd Gaming

With high ceilings, cream-colored walls, and dark walnut wood accented décor, the interior is inviting and features a separate dining area enclosed by two bamboo hedges and a private banquet room.  Hanging Chinese lanterns in shades of pink, white, orange, and delicate floral print adorn the main dining room.

Ping Pang Pong’s popularity (named one of the top 10 Chinese restaurants in America by Travel & Leisure magazine, received the “Best Chinese Restaurant” award six times from Las Vegas Review-Journal’s annual “Best of Las Vegas” readers’ poll) is such that even with the expansion, which increased its space by 50%, there are still lines out the door waiting to be seated, although with the recent expansion, wait times have decreased dramatically. The largely Chinese clientele is a testament to the food’s authenticity.

Ping Pang Pong = Popular

That food is dim sum (literal meaning “to touch the heart”) usually small savory dumplings either steamed or fried that seem to appear in endless varieties of shapes and fillings like beef, chicken, shrimp, and pork. There are spring rolls, tiny sweet and savory cakes, egg buns, sesame rolls, custard tarts, noodle, rice, and wonton creations among the more than 80 choices. Chicken, shrimp, beef, and pork star in many of the dishes, and there are rotating selections of seasonal favorites as well.

Crispy Chicken and Sesame Rolls

Dim sum “visits” customers on steaming carts that are rolled around by servers who are happy to explain the items.  Prices vary by order, and this option is available from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily.

Dinner service is held from 5:00 p.m. to an astounding 3:00 a.m. and features regional dishes from China’s many provinces.  Taiwanese (Three Cup Chicken), Hunan (Tea Smoked Duck) Cantonese (Princess Chicken), Macanese (Crustacean Claypot – a live-tank seafood dish), and Sichuan (Salt and Pepper Frog Legs) entrees share the table and the accolades.

Aromatic Duck Bun

BBQ Pork Buns


On this occasion, assembled guests were treated to a selection of dim sum delicacies served at tables topped by large, rotating “Lazy Susan” turntables.  The food glides its way to the guest in either direction, depending on who is doing the spinning. Your HC’s table was full of dumplings, shu mai, mango shrimp, crispy chicken, bbq pork buns, lobster noodles (lobster from Australian waters) green tea egg custards, aromatic duck buns, and sesame topped seafood rolls.  Small bites add up quickly so be sure to pace yourself.

Lobster with Noodles

Egg Cakes

Research the name Ping Pang Pong and you’ll find that there is no translation for the phrase, so your HC will provide one.  Think of the size of a ping pong ball; that is approximately the size of many types of dim sum.  The pang in between in the hunger you’ll have while waiting to pop them in your mouth.

Shu Mai

Mango Shrimp

Kudos to Ping Pang Pong for doubling their size and still keeping the space filled with finger food.

For Further Information:
Ping Pang Pong
Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
4000 W. Flamingo Road
(702) 367-7111

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