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Partying with Corey Feldman at The Lost Boys Ball

Actor/Singer/Producer Corey Feldman premiered his latest vision, The Lost Boys Ball at the House of Blues on October 23rd during which he performed for the first time ever in Las Vegas. Described as a new entertainment platform, the evening began with a preview of the recently released Direct to DVD Lost Boys sequel “The Thirst” followed by a screening of the original Joel Schumacher classic starring Feldman, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. Afterwards, Feldman’s band Truth Movement gave a concert before Corey treated fans to an up close and personal Q&A session.

Originally Las Vegas was scheduled to be the second of four shows, but due to water damage at the San Diego House of Blues that changed. The other two Lost Boy Balls were set to take place later in Los Angeles and Anaheim and depending on their success; plans for a 30 city tour in the US will begin immediately, followed by the possibility of bringing the event overseas. According to Corey, requests have already come in from England, Australia and other parts of the world. If this concept grows then a new Lost Boys film could be tied directly into the live production. Feldman would eventually like to be able to screen a new movie in tandem with the concert creating a total multi media experience he said during an interview earlier in the day that the idea for this type of event is the brainchild of his and Live Nation’s Dave Ogden.

“What happened was we did a tour over the summer where we were promoting a new album Technology Analogy and you know it was a very rough summer for touring so we had some amazing shows and we had some real duds because, you know, the market is so tough and the economy is so tough,” Corey remembered. They had challenges in most markets, but the ones where they were strongest were connected to film events. First, there was the Goonies 25th anniversary in Astoria, Oregon where 2,500 people came to a big arena to see a huge production and it turned out great. “Then we did another one, which was a free concert at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where we shot Lost Boys. We showed the movie along with the concert. It was during the day. It was out on the beach, on the boardwalk and that was a free concert with 15,000 people there. So, we went okay there’s something here with combining a movie and a concert,” Corey explained. After that he and Dave started developing the concept. “So it’s an opportunity for fans to really get together from both sides of the spectrum. And honestly nothing like this has ever been done before. This is really creating a new medium,” he continued. In the future Feldman is hoping this will lead to changing the exhibition laws enough, so that they will be able to screen a new Lost Boys movie while simultaneously performing a concert featuring new music from the film.

Actor Cory Feldman

The Lost Boys Ball theatrical experience provides Feldman with the opportunity to combine his acting and musical talents, while entertaining and reaching out to his fans. “My wish, my hope is that first of all they have a completely original experience, something that they’ve never experienced before and that they actually walk out of the room thinking that was amazing. I’ve never experienced that before. That’s the key words that I want to hear. Whether you love the music or you don’t connect to it, that’s okay cause you’re still going to have a good time. The show itself is a fun show. If you’re a fan of “The Lost Boys”, you’re already there so there’s no chance that you’re going to walk out of there disappointed because you get to see the movie, you get to see a sneak preview of a movie and at the very end of the night you get to ask questions about the move that you’ve always wanted to hear,” he explained.

As for “The Thirst”, early sales indicate that there is still interest in “The Lost Boys” sparking discussion that more sequels might be in the works. In fact, Corey confirmed that he has been in talks to add as many as three new films to the series. “Right now the franchise is thriving and it’s very alive for a bunch of bloodsuckers, so our plan is to keep them coming back” he laughed. When asked if he would consider directing in addition to his acting and producing duties he said thoughtfully, “Maybe. I don’t think I’d do the next one. I think I’d wait for the third.”

Interest in the franchise may also be growing because of the more recent hit vampire saga “Twilight”, which Feldman admitted has helped in some regard to keep the frenzy going for the undead. “People have this craving for everything vampire. There’s a lot of that right now.” He also claims that “Twilight” has pissed off some Lost Boy fans who want to see real bad guys that they are scared of as well as real heroes who hunt their enemies.. “So, what it does is it creates more of a hunger or a thirst, if you will, for a real vampire movie and that’s why we’re here. So the Frog Brothers are back. We’re in full effect and we’re here to claim our stake,”

Divorced a year ago, Corey’s found that juggling acting, music, writing and producing is easier than his most challenging role which is that of a single father. “It’s rough,” he admits before adding that everything he does nowadays is with his son Zen in mind. “At the end of the day it’s all about my kid. That’s all this is for. The only reason I’m working so hard and I’m so determined and so dedicated… It’s not about ego, it’s not about materialism, it’s not about any of those things. It’s all about giving my kid a future and making sure that he doesn’t have to live the hard life I had to live growing up. Cause I spent a lot of time in court. I spent a lot of time, you know, wondering where my next meal was coming from and I don’t ever want my kid to have to experience that… I want to set him up the best I can for his future so that he can then take over and start his own career path whatever that is.”

Photo credit: Laura Hedges

During the Ball the audience enjoyed the opportunity to watch the original “Lost Boys” in a theatrical setting and share their memories with other fans including discussing special moments and songs and comparing notes about their favorite characters. When the movie finished Truth Movement claimed the stage bringing with them robots, colorful costumes and more importantly the music. Perhaps most memorable were “Trust No One” and the famous Lost Boys theme “Cry Little Sister”, which was dedicated to Feldman’s former co-star and close friend the late Corey Haim.

Just like he promised, those who waited around after the set were treated to an intimate Q&A with Corey. He mentioned that he has two new movies coming out. One called “Operation Belvis Bash”, which he also did music for, debuts next month and the other new release “Lucky Fritz” that’s already out. In addition, he confided that he’s exploring the idea of a Lost Boys prequel.

Asked which character he’s enjoyed portraying the most so far he responded that would be Norman Forrester in “The Birthday”, a black comedy distributed overseas, that few Americans have had the chance to view which Feldman described as “very David Lynch.” Corey also told us that he considers Al Pacino to be the actor who has influenced him the most commenting, “He’s a god. Everything he does is brilliant.” Other favorites include Jack Nicholson and Robert DeNiro.

Watching Feldman converse with fans and sign autographs at a vendor table set up outside the theatre after the show, one thing was apparent. Corey is a long way from being lost as he continues his 25+ year career managing to grow and stretch himself as an entertainer.


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