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Coming Attractions: Giordano Entertainment’s New Theatre Opens Soon

Giordano Entertainment is no stranger to the Las Vegas entertainment scene.  In fact, Angelo is well known for producing "Voices", one of the most highly rated shows on the Strip featuring the amazingly talented singer Lani Misalucha.  I had the pleasure of seeing the show for the first time after interviewing Angelo and his wife and business partner Christine earlier in the evening, Thursday, March 4.  Another member of the audience informed me that Lani is as big as Barbra Streisand in the Philippines.  After hearing her velvety voice, which I’m told has a three octave range; the word that best describes her to me is songbird.
Interviewing Angelo before "Voices"

However, much as the Giordanos are well known for producing quality entertainment, such as "Voices" the purpose for my conversation with them this week was to find out more about the new kid in town - the theatre they are launching inside the Hilton.  Scheduled to open the last Friday in March, it will be an independent film showcase theatre, featuring independent films, studio pictures, inspiring filmmakers and also Hollywood type pictures.  “It’s a real mix.  We also do shorts as well and documentaries and there’s no theatres out there that are distributing shorts and documentaries,” Angelo explained.
Actress Judith Hayek with Angelo & Christine Giordano

The award winning indie film “Reach for Me”, starring Seymour Cassel and Adrienne Barbeau  enjoyed a star studded, Red Carpet World Premiere at the Hilton last January 22nd before going into a limited release. Now it is scheduled to head into more theatres on March 19th and a deal is also being worked on to expand into foreign markets.

Angelo said proudly, “ I think it’s going to be a big hit.  It’s a must see.  It really is.

There’s a lot of movies coming out, a lot of good movies.  “Reach for Me” I think could make it with some of the movies that are out right now “.    

As for the significance of the Giordano Theatre on Las Vegas itself, Angelo believes it will have a decidedly positive impact.  He told me, “It’s unique to the movie industry as a whole because of the fact it’s independent films, it’s studio pictures, it’s Hollywood pictures, it’s inspired pictures, it does documentaries.  It will also showcase shorts.  What I think it’s going to do is bring a whole new way to looking at films or watching films because of the fact  it’s an intimate setting.  It’s 80 seats.  It’s a high end.  You can drink.  You can have food.  You can have service right there at your chair while you’re watching the movie.”
Actor Corey Haim with Angelo on the Red Carpet

A number of projects are already in the works, so for the Giordanos one of the most challenging aspects is finding a way to get all of the films on the calendar and launch them with enough time for proper marketing, which includes more red carpet events.  Among the upcoming movies slated are “American Sunset”, which also had a red carpet private screening complete with cast members in January,   The next event being launched, however, will be for the indie film “One Long Day” scheduled to debut next month.  Other projects in the works include some studio films with actors such as Cuba Gooding Jr, James Franco and the very popular Billy Zane. “We have a movie coming up with him. He’s coming in for this film in June.  There’s too many movies and there’s not enough time, that’s the problem,” Giordano said with a half smile.  He went on to say that although his company is wired for handling distribution across the country, he prefers launching films here in Las Vegas. “There’s not a better place in the world to launch a movie because you have all different types of people here, ethnic backgrounds, different demographics all in one city and it’s a great way and a great place to test a movie”, he claims.  With the opening of the Giordano Theatre, Las Vegas will have the opportunity to see this unique business model in action, while being entertained with the class and style that this town is known for.

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