Marianne Donnelly

Center: Ronn Williams,  (L TO R: wrapping around) Ruliko Cronin, Amanda Guardado, Gigi Guizado, Lorenzo Gabaldon, Adam Dunson, Angel Mendoza, Jae Song, Bridget Carlvin, Garrison Quizon - Photo Courtesy of Majestic Theatre


Majestic Theatre's Brilliant Immersive "Our Town" (Show and Dinner)Through May 5 at 1217 S. Main, Arts District, Vegas

“It goes so fast. We don’t have time to look at one another...
Do human beings ever realize, life, while they live it? — Every, every, minute?

They just don't understand, do they?...That's all human beings are--
Just blind people..." (Emily Gibbs).

"...That's what it was to be alive: To move about in a cloud of ignorance; to go up and down trampling on the feelings of others...
to spend, and waste, time, as though you had a million years.
Now, you know..." (Simon Stimson)

These quotes from "Our Town" are just a few of the well known bon-mots from this one of Thornton Wilder's three Pulitzer Prize winning works, playing through May 5 at Majestic Repertory Theatre, 1217 S. Main St. Las Vegas...

EVERY BRILLIANT THING: A Million Reasons to Live poster


Cockroach Theatre Presents EVERY BRILLIANT THING: A Million Reasons to Live

Art Square Theatre's resident company, Cockroach Theatre, in collaboration with the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention, offers, "Every Brilliant Thing," by Duncan MacMillan (with Jonny Donahoe) through September 30th in their beautiful black-box theatre...

Cabaret poster


"World Changed, Just Like That" Cabaret Soars at Majestic Repertory Theatre

Majestic Repertory Theatre, located in the Las Vegas Arts District, opened their third rich season with its totally believable, immersive staging of Cabaret with the audience grouped table side in Berlin's Kit Kat Klub. Playing through August 26th, this is a classic worth absorbing, thoughtfully...

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