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Sandy Valley Story-Fest March 14: Free Family Fun

Well known and loved professional LV Storytelling Guild Tellers join SV Resident Talents to share joyous, humorous, and heartwarming stories and surprises in the first annual Sandy Valley Story-Fest that will be held the Keystone Center (115 Miami off Quartz) in Sandy Valley (40~miles south of Las Vegas). M. Samela Dingus has cleared her calendar to emcee this show.

All ages will enjoy two hours of fun! Free. The event starts at 1:00pm and ends at 3:00pm. Ramp accessible. 

The drive from Vegas is "mountain road scenic.” Sandy Valley's horse-country and off-road destination is located about ten miles to the historic village of Goodsprings, for an additional add-on option.

A slow drive around tiny Goodsprings main loop is a beautiful way to see old miner homes and artifacts.

Information: 702-956-7333
See flyer for details.


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