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Las Vegas Little Theatre's "A Doll's House" Still Resonates!

By Marianne Donnelly

Las Vegas Little Theatre is our oldest running professional community theatre and it is still mounting hit after hit forty-plus years into their illustrious history.

In addition to their Mainstage, they also have their Fischer Black-Box Theatre. This is where magic happens--by way of it's role in cultivating budding actors and writers--providing space to explore interpretations of new or classic works and actively providing encouragement from a revolving cadre of seasoned professionals bent on going beyond easy parameters, taking pains to expand Vegas' pool of actors by encouraging confidence in talented aspirants. Fresh thinking and deep caring sustains this vital laboratory, thus fulfilling LVLT's motto, "for the community by the community."

This is where you can still catch Henrik Ibsen's, "A Doll's House" as adapted by Frank McGuinness, who won a Tony for best revival of this work, as lovingly directed by Jane Walsh. The show is being staged there through February 24. Performances are 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Henrik Ibsen's 1879 classic drama, "A Doll's House, is one of the world's most produced plays because it still resonates with the ongoing struggle for full autarchy of women all around the world.

In Ibsen's time, it was daring to create a female character (Nora) who dares to surreptitiously solve her financial dilemma irrespective of what society would say, or do, if caught.

When her well-intentioned, but unacceptable, ruse is exposed she further dares to leave her husband and children. This ending caused such an uproar that Ibsen had to endure seeing his play produced with an alternative ending for West European audiences. Most modern production's use the original ending, as does this heartfelt version: the "door slam" heard 'round the (Victorian) world!

Intriguingly, Las Vegas Little Theatre will explore this classic again in May on its Mainstage, by a different ensemble, doing a sequel- version by Lucas Hnath. The fine-gold here is you can contrast both. This double billing is a rare delight for theatre buffs!

Las Vegas Little Theatre is located at:
3920 Schiff drive off Valley View near Spring Mountain in lively Chinatown.
Nora Helmer: Olivia Hernando
Torvald Helmer: Shane Cullum
Niles Krogstad: David Ament
Kristine Linde: Marni Montgomery- Blake
Dr. Rank: Steve Webster
Anne-Marie: Martha Bowers
Bobby: Jack Davidson
Emmy: Lila Fisher

Director: Jane Walsh
Set: Chris Davies
Lighting: Raphael Daniels-Devost Sound: Joey Jevne
Costumes: Stephanie Daniels
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