By Jacqueline Monahan
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World Tea Expo Unveils Innovative New Products

Celebrating its 10th year, the World Tea Expo flowed elegantly into the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The international gathering is dedicated solely to tea varieties, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, products and trends.

The convention hosted more than 4500 attendees who visited 200 booths dedicated to all things tea.  Everything may start with the tea leaf and its variables, (age, processing, growing season) but nothing ends there.  Hundreds of satellite products are connected to the industry, items like serving ware, greeting cards, pastries, cookbooks and convenience gadgets.  

The World Tea Expo also included the annual Tea Infusion Challenge and the North American Tea Championship Winners Tasting Circle.  In the past ten years, the convention has been responsible for showcasing 17 tons of premium tea (in 35,000 different flavors.  It has launched 1000 new products and conducted 484 educational conference sessions.

As in the past, a much-anticipated New Product Showcase acquainted convention attendees with cutting-edge innovations, new to the marketplace and dazzling to consumer and vendor alike.  Here are five of the newest products to highlight the tea leaf:

One such product was Tstix, a cleverly designed, dripless, aerated cellophane tube full of tea.  Steep it in hot water, use it to stir and disperse the flavor, take it out of the cup and – no drip!  Amazing but true.



New Product Innovation Winner Tea Spot’s Slim Steeper makes it possible to turn bottled water into iced tea instantly.  The little gadget affixes onto the bottle’s neck and extends into the water for a cold steep, ready in ten minutes.  It’s eco-friendly and uses loose leaf tea; it’s even good for a resteep!




Kitchen T.L.C.’s aesthetic Truffle Flower makes a statement that’s almost too good to eat.  Almost.  The six-piece delicacy comes in more than fifteen tea-infused flavors like Darjeeling Mascarpone and Hibiscus Caramel.




The Love and Scandal Tea Company offers tea-themed greeting cards with vintage photo images, each containing a sample of bagged tea from renowned vendors inside.  This product was named Winner in the Tea Accessory Category of the New Product Showcase.




Breezy Spring LLC’s Swirl Green Tea won its category for Tea as an Ingredient Winner.  Swirl combines premium green tea with convenience.  Its slender bag fits into a water bottle for a fast, cold brew, but it also works in hot water.  Swirl contains no calories, caffeine, sugar, or gluten.




Tea and its exponential products have filled Las Vegas convention halls for the last decade, thanks to Expo organizers George and Kim Jage.  The Las Vegas-based husband and wife TEAm were presented with a special World Tea Award by the global tea community and the exhibitors of World Tea Expo.

At once both ancient and current, tea has become more than a product; it’s a lifestyle as diverse as the countries and populations that boil, steep, ice, pour, and enjoy it.  It’s a health elixir and a calming ritual.  It’s a tradition and an innovation.

It all begins with a tea leaf, but it certainly doesn’t end there.


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