By Jacqueline Monahan
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Fright Dome:  What Happens in the Dark…

It all started outside with a parade of chainsaw-wielding ghouls sandwiched by a pair of killer hearses, one with a hatchet sticking out of its hood.  The mob of mayhem then disappeared into the dismal depths of what was once a place of merriment for the living, a fresh supply of whom could not wait to follow them inside.  Fools…


Hood Ornament
Photo Credit: John Hardin
Road Rage
Photo Credit: John Hardin

The official opening of this season’s Fright Dome took place on the night of October 1st and will run for selected days during the entire month.  Forget the amusement park you use to love.  This is more of an abusement park – albeit one that scare-lovers can’t seem to get enough of after the sun goes down.


Walk of the Dead
Photo Credit: John Hardin

Walking around the perimeter of the darkened space, it’s hard to see through the smoke and haze; strobe lights keep you off-guard and make for a surreal stop-motion crowd experience.  The crowd is the least of your worries.  Roaming ghouls, fiends, zombies and serial killers armed with menacing and LOUD chainsaws are following you.
He SAW you!
Photo Credit: John Hardin

Screams are so frequent that they become a familiar background noise.  Moving monsters are everywhere; don’t think you can outrun them.  It’s possible to be followed, stalked, and startled within a minute of Fright Dome entry.
The Caution Tape Says It All
Photo Credit: John Hardin

All this happens on the walk TO the haunted houses.  There, a whole new level of terror unfolds for innocent visitors.



New this year are the Halloween (motion picture) themed houses - Haddon Memorial Hospital (visit a psych ward) and The Home of Michael Myers (guess who’s going to be your host).  Fright High also makes its debut (here, orientation can mean expiration), and Fright Dome favorites Chainsaw Massacre and Hillbilly Hell return in all of their gory glory.


Michael Myers in a rare, non-violent moment
Photo Credit: John Hardin

These are not spectator sports.  Expect to be approached, confronted, and menaced by inmates, murderers, and monsters in all sizes, genders and species.  Body parts alone are so plentiful they almost need their own zip code and the real estate is so blood-soaked that even a lazy vampire would thrive in this ‘hood.


Double Trouble
Photo Credit: John Hardin

A stage show comes with its own dedicated DJ in the person of Joe Letz, drummer for industrial act Combichrist.  Illusionist Dan Sperry, whom VH-1 pronounced disgustingly talented, shares the stage with Labman (Rudy Coby) known as the Coolest Magician on Earth.  One of Coby’s tricks involves turning a marionette into a living person – himself!  Another has Coby stuck in a washing machine and shrinking.


DJ Joe Letz
Photo Credit: John Hardin
Rudy Coby Magic
Photo Credit: John Hardin

It’s all performed to Letz’s pounding beat under brightly colored lights; the only time there’s enough light to see what’s going on during the entire evening is during the shows.  Other than that, you’re on your own in the smoky dimness where shapes appear and brush against you or hiss malevolently in your ear.


Hair Horror
Photo Credit: John Hardin
Las Vegas ShowGhoul
Photo Credit: John Hardin

Even maniacs have to use the restroom, and one such pit stop netted your humble correspondent the following information from one of the roaming reprobates.  Roamers, or those monstrous meanderers that creep up behind skittish girls, resting their vile chins on unsuspecting shoulders must provide their own costumes.  Themed haunted house inhabitants are provided a wicked wardrobe of treacherously tattered apparel that matches the murderous mood.


A Real Cut-up
Photo Credit: John Hardin
How Do You Think She Got So Short?
Photo Credit: John Hardin

Good to know.  For all of their bloodlust, the creatures of Fright Dome - some of them more than seven feet high (and one is only around 24 inches) all agree on one thing:  their favorite color is red, and they’d just love to see YOU in it!

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Matching Chainsaw Accessory


The Author and her new Boy-fiend
Photo Credit: John Hardin