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Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment Hyper-Reality VR Experience at The VOID

If you want to find out how it’s possible to strap on roughly 25 pounds of equipment and transform yourself into a svelte, stylish woman in a corseted gown, or a slender gentleman dandy sporting the latest fashions of the 90’s – that’s 1890’s – you will experience that transformation when visiting The VOID.

Located in St. Mark’s Square in the Grand Canal Shoppes, The VOID is the global leader of immersive location based experiences and creators behind Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire, which your humble correspondent recently covered:

This time, the action moves back in time, to 1894 and the ruins of the Chicago World’s Fair. A menacing demon named Nicodemus haunts the ruins and you are trespassing. Nicodemus is not pleased, and lets visitors know in many visual and tactile ways. Expect to be hunted and haunted.

But first, back in the safety of present day Las Vegas, a visitor to the VOID must sign an electronic waiver and fill out some information which is used to create a personalized wristband with name, date and QR code. This code is then matched to an avatar you choose from three female and three male types. Their pictures are on cards with descriptions on the back (and another QR code). You are given a lanyard in which to hold the card. It’s all very high-tech preparation before you are plunged into the decrepit ruins and darkness of 19th century Chicago.

Avatar Card

Your team of four watches a small introductory film introducing the setting and the demon.

Next, you are fitted with a vest/backpack and helmet, which takes a bit of time and assistance to adjust and secure. Luckily, there are several savvy VOID employees to help out. You slip into the 20-pound vest/backpack while it is still hanging and then tighten cords and click four locking mechanisms into place to close the vest around you. It should be tight, and you must adjust it further when you are “off the hook” as it were (when your vest/backpack is unhooked and you bear its full weight for the first time).

Avatar Decription

A heavy, visored helmet is worn with a chin strap that must be tightened and additional adjustment mechanisms on top make it hug your head. The visor creates the visual magic which occurs when it is lowered. Eyeglasses can be accommodated. Again, helpful employees will assist you in making your gear fit like a second, high-tech skin.

Suit Yourself - The Author with Helmet and Vest/Backpack

Your team is led to a small compartment that transforms (visors on) everyone into the pictures on their cards. Your humble correspondent’s hand had become gloved, and her gown reached to the ground. You are ushered into the first of several different interiors including a train and assorted elevators. Along the way there are rooms with moving parts and glowing tubes. The lights go out periodically. There is another presence among you of which you will be made aware through sight, sound, and touch.

In sometimes near pitch black conditions, you must make your way through forbidding corridors full of ornate, steel bars, cobwebs, blasts of cold air and…Nicodemus. His arms reach for you and your vest vibrates when you are grabbed. Yes, he got me. Nicodemus likes to grab, and nothing stops him. Be warned: You are never protected.

This is The VOID’s first publicly released original experience created in conjunction with development studio, Ninja Theory, Ltd. Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment will launch exclusive previews starting June 14 at The VOID at the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas and will expand to other VOID Entertainment Centers nationwide in time for Halloween this fall.

“With Nicodemus, we wanted to showcase The VOID’s ability to create its own stories from action and adventure to horror and fantasy,” said Curtis Hickman, chief creative officer and co-founder of The VOID. “We are excited to introduce original characters, convey an emotional story and share spectacular worlds without any constraints.”

Meeting Nicodemus will convince you that they’ve succeeded.


Your Wristband is the Key to Adventure


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