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Dave & Buster's in Downtown Summerlin: A Place to Play

Downtown Summerlin’s newest addition is the first-ever Las Vegas location for Dave & Buster’s,  a 34,000 square foot, 180-game arcade, sports bar and restaurant (cleverly called Food with your Play) that merges flavor, fun, interactive entertainment, and athletic spectacle on a scale so large, it dwarfs football fields, Olympic-sized pools and basketball courts.

The walls of the huge sports bar, along with the bar itself is surrounded by over 30 massive HD, big-screen TVs, good for 360-degrees of sports viewing.  Just try to escape a jersey or a net, a bat or a helmet.  There are an endless variety of games to watch, but the real action occurs just feet from the lemon twists and the Patron swizzle sticks.  That’s where guests stop watching a game and become involved in one.

Sports Bar with People 1

Whether your preference is the Star Wars Battle Pod, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Zombie Snatcher, or the world’s Largest Pac-Man game (complete with epilepsy warning) Dave & Buster’s Million Dollar Midway can offer an electronic playground that exhilarates and deafens, bedazzles and beckons its human inhabitants into standing, sitting, dancing, or riding their extreme machines.  Prefer old school entertainment?  Skee Ball and giant slots take up entire walls.

WorldsLargestPacMan 1
World's Largest Pac-Man
The massive arcade operates on a guest’s rechargeable Power Card, which accumulates tickets (to redeem for prizes) as games are played. You decide how much money to put on it, and your winnings are stored until you’re ready to redeem them in the well-stocked, on-site Winner’s Circle (Apple products, Xbox games, Beats by Dre, sports memorabilia and even kitchen appliances; no Chinese finger traps here, but stuffed animals and super heroes alike wait for redemption on countless shelves of swag).

Winners Circle 1
Winner's Circle

Dave & Buster’s chef-crafted menu features American fare including items like the Pepperoni Pretzel Pull-Apart, Three Cheese Grilled Cheese Sticks, the Short Rib & Cheesy Mac Stack (pictured) Angry Orchard BBQ Half Chicken, the Caveman Combo (pictured) and the Buffalo Wing Burger.  Each food item has a playful twist that fits right in with the electric atmosphere – literally and figuratively.

Short Rib and Cheesy Mac Stack 1
Short Rib & Cheesy Mac Stack

The Caveman Combo 1
The Caveman Combo

An innovative cocktail menu also mirrors the fun, and includes tropical Tiki Drinks, Adult Snow Cones (pictured) a Strawberry Watermelon Margarita poured over strawberry ice cubes, Glow Kones featuring a multicolored, flashing cube, CoronaRitas, and Mega Mojitos.  Other cocktails bear madcap monikers like Purple People Eater, Angry Balls, and Raging Berry Bulls.

Original Snow Cone 1
Original Snow Cone

There’s a Late Night Happy Hour, along with the crowd-pleasing Two For Tuesday, which includes $2 select beers, $2 Tacos and 2 Free Game Plays; Half-Priced Games are the draw every Wednesday.  You can’t walk into this place and claim that there’s nothing to do.  Down time simply does not exist, at least on the arcade floor.

BigBassWheel 1
Big Bass Wheel

SkeeBall 1
Skee Ball


If you want to get a few (or even all) of your friends in on the fun, Dave & Buster’s offers private event space for 10 – 1600 for celebrations of any kind.   Be sure to bring your walking shoes, some good hand-eye coordination, and maybe even a pair of ear plugs.  It gets loud.

It’s huge, noisy, fun, and electronic, and it’s right at home in Sin City.

 “We’re thrilled by the reception the Las Vegas community has given us,” said Phil Shabat, Dave & Buster’s general manager.

The Las Vegas community is going to be thrilled right back.

About Dave & Buster’s:
There is a Dave.  There is a Buster.  They’re real! During the 1970’s, one opened a games-for-grownups establishment; one opened a restaurant a few doors down.  Eventually the two businesses merged, with Dave winning a coin toss for first billing.  Founded in 1982, Dave & Buster’s, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, operates 87 large-venue, high-volume restaurant/entertainment complexes throughout North America, each one with over $1,000,000 worth of games.  

For further information: www.daveandbusters.com

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