By Jacqueline Monahan
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It’s baaaack!

IT is a thrilling, scary promenade through darkened, hazy corridors to the sound of approaching mayhem in the form of twisted creatures with weapons, stalking, running and even gliding up to the unsuspecting.  It’s a growl in your ear from a killer clown, just inches from your face. It’s a pair of legless torsos scooting by powered by hands instead of feet; they plunk themselves in front of you as if to say, “What’re YOU lookin’ at?”

frightdome 2014 056

And What?

Photo Credit: John Hardin


frightdome 2014 050

(Bloody) Blondes Have More Fun

Photo Credit: John Hardin

Fright Dome, “hauntrepreneur” Jason Egan’s ghoul-filled brainchild, is twelve years old and hyperactive as ever.  Featuring 25 rides and attractions, the seasonal terrain of terror runs through November 1st, and I mean runs…as if there’s a chainsaw following closely behind!

One of the top five haunted attractions in the nation, Fright Dome is located inside of the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, transforming the five-acre theme park into 250,000 “scare” feet that feature six new haunted houses, four new Scare Zones and live stage performances.

frightdome 2014 020

Glamour Ghouls

Photo Credit: John Hardin

Stage shows with names like Sick Illusions and Academy of Villains spring to life at scheduled intervals.  A lot of everything else is dead, but awfully glad you’ve arrived, along with the hordes of fresh meat that arrive nightly at 7:00 p.m.

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Sick Illusions

Photo Credit: Mike Monahan


frightdome 2014 044

Your Humble Correspondent Gets "Nailed"

Photo Credit: John Hardin

Mechanized monsters, demonized dummies, even electronic intestines can be seen as you walk the circular outer edge of the dome (with haunted houses, rides, and other attractions generally located in the center).

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Mike (Monorail) Monahan Thinks He's Found The Red Cross

Photo Credit: Mike Monahan

Zones you’ll pass through include Dead West (cowboys, Indians and zombies, oh, my!) Redrum (check the mirror, someone), and Clown Overload (truth in advertising, for sure).  The Hypercharged pace is decidedly quick.

frightdome 2014 102

Dead West Grief Chief

Photo Credit: John Hardin


frightdome 2014 076

Misanthrope on a Rope

Photo Credit: John Hardin


frightdome 2014 081

Raw Squaw

Photo Credit: John Hardin

Each of the six haunted houses has a theme (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hillbilly Heaven: The Offspring, Killer Klowns in 4-D, Isolation, Zombie Quarantine 2.0, and Dead End) but the color scheme always runs red.  Watch your step and check the walls before you lean on them.  Eyes are watching you, calculating fear level and brain flavor.  You are NEVER alone, except for Isolation, the one house that forces you into a solo experience. The only hand you’ll hold and the only scream you’ll hear is your own.


frightdome 2014 074

It's What You Bring To A Bash!

Photo Credit: John Hardin

A D.J. and dance floor keep the joint even more jumpin’ with pounding techno dubstep, and one revved-up version of the Halloween theme song; a mad pumpkin-man gyrates like a maniac while an anime-like feline prowls around the perimeter.

frightdome 2014 022


Photo Credit: John Hardin

The amusement park rides run constantly.  El Loco, the newest roller coaster, is a series of frenzied sensations in the dark, including its 90 degree drop.  Disc-O is a giant whirling arc of high speed mayhem.

frightdome 2014 082

At The Bar Without A Drink

Photo Credit: John Hardin

A 4-D simulation ride whisks riders forward and backward, through a cemetery, haunted cabin, and finally, a giant spider’s lair.  It gives chase.

Food and alcohol is available for sale if you’ve got the stomach for it. Media at the October 3rd opening were allowed to slice into a chainsaw cake before it sliced into them, complete with blood splatter and barbed wire enhancements. There were even balloon sculptures of chainsaws and Freddie figures with “sharp” blade gloves, courtesy of Jeremy Johnson. Legendary horror actor Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects) was once again on hand for pictures and autographs.

frightdome 2014 015

Cut It! Quick!

Photo Credit: John Hardin

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Take That!

Photo Credit: Mike Monahan


10653854 10154670353995023 5574317720623138132 n

Balloon Artist Jeremy Johnson is FULL of hot air!

Photo Credit: Mike Monahan


The dead walk at Fright Dome and make YOU run.  Even backing up is dangerous as an abrupt about-face can get you within grabbing distance of a grotesque creature that’s been on your (en)trail for the last 10 yards.  They all have sharp things: nails, axes, knives, teeth and always, chainsaws.

frightdome 2014 075

Real Cut-ups!

Photo Credit: John Hardin

frightdome 2014 007

Gettin' Hammered

Photo Credit: John Hardin

Come closer, they want to show you something.  And don’t be fooled by these clowns.  They are serious…dead serious.

frightdome 2014 060

Calibrated Clowns

Photo Credit: John Hardin

frightdome 2014 054

Come A Little Closer...

Photo Credit: John Hardin


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