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Operating in Nevada since 2008, Scoot City Tours has been awarded a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence every year for the past six years. You may have seen their fun-sized, three wheel scooter cars zipping around the Strip, or even piloted one yourself through the fire red canyons of Red Rock.

The baby of proud owner John Yeager, the Red Rock tour is ranked eighth place on TripAdvisor’s Las Vegas Tours section; but it’s Scoot City’s latest offering, newly launched in February, that’s sure to join its cousin in the upper echelons of outdoor activities within reach of Las Vegas.

Scoot City Tours’ Hoover Dam fat tire electric motorized bicycle tour is an exciting and unique way to explore roughly 16 miles round trip of Lake Mead’s 1.5 million acres. Guests are provided with a helmet and electric bike, customizable to best suit each rider’s individual needs. 

Scoot City Tours - Photo credit: Cameron Bonomolo

The Australian imported bikes are equipped with Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.0” 30 TPI (threads per inch) fat tires, a King-Meter LCD display integrated into the stem, an electric motor, and a CPU located in the hub of the rear tire. 

The sexiest feature is located on the right handlebar grip: the twist throttle. Acceleration is as simple as a flick of the wrist, and you can “step on the gas,” so to speak, when you want to let the bike do all the work — whether that’s helping you up a particularly tough hill with a boost or coasting along entirely. (The bikes can reach speeds of 20-25 mph full throttle; I maxed mine out at 23 mph.) 

Scoot City Tours - Photo credit: Cameron Bonomolo

Because the bike gives you the option to pedal manually — instead of pedaling being mandatory — it makes for a ride that’s suitable for almost everyone, regardless of athletic ability: this is one bike tour where being in Lance Armstrong shape isn’t a prerequisite.

If you’re more of an experienced bike rider, as I am, you might ride your bike traditionally — but good luck resisting zooming around on your new toy. (My tour was 50% manual, 50% motorized; I pedaled myself along the slower, simpler paths and took in the sights, and I twisted the throttle to fly when I felt like going all Easy Rider.)

Scoot City Tours - Photo credit: Cameron Bonomolo

The bikes are equipped with PAS (pedal assist sensors), adjustable to your preference with the press of a button. Choose your assist level (1, 2, 3, etc.) and, with the sensor detecting your cadence, the motor will generate power to help push you along even as you ride the bike naturally. 

Available in two sizes (standard and smaller, the latter generally reserved for shorter members of your group), the fat tire bikes are as comfortable to ride as they are to handle; both the frame and the tires are sturdy, making for a smooth ride — even when crossing loose or rough terrain.


“As long as everyone is comfortable on their bike and they can ride it, that’s all I really care about,” said Cody Jordan, a biker with an amateur BMX background and five years experience working as a tour guide with Scoot City Tours.

The former McDonald’s drive thru manager was personally hired by Yeager and doesn’t regret leaving behind the greasy world of the golden arches. “Talking individually to customers, seeing where they’re from, what they’re about, what they’ve been doing,” he said of his beloved gig, “that’s what I find the best part about this.” 

Extremely personable and laid back (maybe due to his Californian roots), Cody helped make the experience fun: this bike tour is an adventure, and it’s treated as such. Besides leading you around the immediate area, your guide will fill you in on intriguing facts about Hoover Dam and Lake Mead (even giving a detailed explanation for that ring-around-the-tub look). 

Scoot City Tours - Photo credit: Cameron Bonomolo

Your route, launching from the Alan Bible Visitor’s Center, takes you through the scenic Historic Railroad Trail and into the refreshingly cool Timbered Tunnels (film fans might recognize the area from a key action sequence in the Clint Eastwood-starrer The Gauntlet).

About four miles from your starting point, you’ll dismount to inspect some genuine Hoover Dam machinery up close before being allotted time to walk down to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center. Here you’ll be able to visit a cafe (the menu has everything from chicken and burgers to ice cream), make a bathroom break or purchase Hoover Dam memorabilia. 

Scoot City Tours - Photo credit: Cameron Bonomolo
From the top of Hoover Dam, you’ll be able to awe at the constructional marvel at your leisure before rejoining your group and your bike and visiting the “Welcome to Nevada” sign (your tour guide will happily take your photo). Next, you’ll dismount again and be given the opportunity to trek to the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge — standing opposite the Dam and overlooking the gorgeous Colorado River. 

Standing in stark contrast to the glitzy and flashy 24 hour town of Las Vegas, the humble and idyllic Boulder City, Nevada, is a desert oasis just twenty-something miles removed from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

Exploring the Lake Mead region might not seem like an obvious addition to your Las Vegas to-do list, but Scoot City Tours’ Hoover Dam fat tire electric motorized bike tour is the absolute best way to experience the natural scenic beauty of Nevada — and a must do for locals and visitors alike. 

Scoot City Tours is licensed, insured and permitted with the United States National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Tours are available at 8:00 am and 10:00 am and are just $149.99 per person.

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Article courtesy of Red Carpet Refs.

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