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Lace up your Vans and bring your angst — Emo Nite LA is coming to Vinyl at the Hard Rock.

Emo Nite, to the uninitiated, might look inseparable from the inside of the Hot Topic store of your local mall: there’s deafening music, a touch of rebellion and a dress code that could inspire the costumer on a Tim Burton production.

Instead, Emo Nite brings together “hordes of like-minded people across the country to scream along to songs by the bands they grew up with,” says Rolling Stone of the monthly annual music/karaoke party, which proudly owns its “sad as f—k” mantra.

“Emo” — not shorthand for “emotional,” but indicative of an emotive and expressive style of music — is an identifying feature and a sense of pride for many, and it’s angst-ridden, confessional lyrics that bring people from all walks of life together to scream and dance the nite away.

Co-founded by Morgan Freed, Babs Szabo and T.J. Petracca, Emo Nite goes down on the first Tuesday night of every month at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, California. Their mission? Give music fans a joint to scream along to emo songs from artists like Panic! at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance and All Time Low.

Simply stated, it’s all-at-once, group karaoke with even less inhibition.



Populated by fans of emo and pop punk, the scene recently celebrated its two-year anniversary with a stacked line-up of DJs, full band and acoustic sets by artists like All American Rejects, Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory), State Champs, Aaron Gillespie (The Almost/Underoath), Movements and Captain Cuts.

"It's honestly pretty surreal. This whole thing has gotten way bigger than we ever imagined or intended it to get,” said co-founder T.J. Petracca after more than 2,000 attendees showed up for the sold out anniversary show in December. “I'm so honored and happy to be celebrating two years of this party. We have made some amazing new friends, got to travel and see a ton of new cities, and meet our idols/heroes. Stepping back and looking at it from afar... I truly can't believe it." 

LA’s monthly Emo Nite party is coming to Vegas next month, with the event set to take over Vinyl at the Hard Rock on Thursday, March 16th. Tickets start at $10. Must be 18+ with valid ID to attend.

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