By Bobbie Katz


There is always a bit of magic in the air this time of year, especially for those who are experiencing the warm and comfortable atmosphere of being home for the holidays. But in the New Year, if selling that home is planned, it may require keeping that magical feeling from disappearing, especially if a quick sale is desired.

That’s where the appearance of expert Gayle Novak, nicknamed “The Residential Illusionist,” is needed. The Las Vegas resident and nationally known award-winning home stager, CEO of her own company called “Enhance Your Home,” can transform any property in the blink of an eye into one that makes potential buyers feel like they are home not just for the holidays but for good, the minute they walk in the door.

Gayle Novak edit
Home Stager Gayle Novak

Novak is the only home stager in Las Vegas who holds an MBA and a Certification in Staging and Redesign as well as a Luxury Home Staging Designation. She is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), and has also earned the coveted designation of RESA-PRO. In addition, through RESA, she is also a Nevada State Accredited CE Instructor and, teaches several Continuing Education Classes to realtors every month. As a member of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP), Novak was recently honored as a 2019 Trifecta Winner in all three categories: Staging Excellence, Client Care Excellence, and Industry Leadership Excellence. In addition, she has just received an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“I am only one of two people in Las Vegas who is accredited by the state of Nevada to teach continuing education to realtors,” explains Novak. “I offer a course called ‘Staged to Sell,’ which teaches them everything they need to know about staging and its benefits. Most of the properties I have staged in the last three years have all sold within three weeks or less.

“The purpose of staging is to create a ‘warm, home-like atmosphere,’” she continues. “I want a homebuyer to walk into a house and say, ‘I am home; I could live in this home. I want to buy this house.’ I want to make the entire home look warm and inviting and not sterile. This will help sell the house faster and for more money.”

Enhance Your Home, LLC is also the only company in town that really specializes in staging occupied homes. Novak works with her own concept, which she calls the “3 D’s -- Declutter, Depersonalize, and Décor Touchups.” To that avail, Novak and her team will do the hands-on decluttering, light pre-packing, and will remove any excess furniture and accessories that don’t belong in the home. They will then bring in neutral artwork, plants, accessories, lamps, or area rugs as needed.

For a vacant house, Novak will provide all the furniture, artwork and accessories. If repairs or new carpeting or appliances are needed, she will recommend vendors to the seller. She will also help the seller retain a pod, garage, or storage unit at a discount.

Novak acknowledges. “I always try to give the seller three options: 1) A do-it-yourself option 2) You do half and we do half, which fits their lifestyle and lets them have a choice or 3) We do everything for you. But we are the only company in town who does the hands-on Decluttering.”

Staging a home can generally take from four to six hours depending on the size and the condition of the property.

Some facts about the lighter personal side of Gayle Novak is that she was a five-day undefeated champion on “The $25,000 Pyramid” TV game show; she walked barefoot on a bed of burning hot coals in “Tony Robbins Firewalker” to prove she could do anything she wanted to do in life, and did a comedy routine with Billy Crystal in his first HBO special as a volunteer from the audience. And, Gayle most recently was honored to be included in My Vegas magazine’s “Top 100 Women of Influence 2019.”

On the more serious side, Novak is a cancer and a domestic abuse survivor who has had 40 surgeries stemming from her illness and injuries. Despite her physical and emotional pain, she has risen above it all to become a success. Novak is also on the speaker circuit and is available to give talks both about Home Staging and domestic abuse.

This article appears courtesy of Vegas Insider


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