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Madmeat Art, which is known globally for their provocative artistic line of prints and greeting cards, has expanded its reach by entering the erotica genre book market. Their first publication is "Irresistible Illusion" by author Eddie Edson, a novel relaying one man’s journey as he explores sexual discovery through a series of misadventures finally leading to his self-acceptance and an awareness of the facades that surround most people’s lives.

Eddie Edson Madmeat Print

A multi-city book tour kicked off in Las Vegas on Friday, November 8th, 2019 from 6-9pm at the Erotic Heritage Museum, which also has the largest collection of Madmeat offerings available for retail sale. With several special invited guests on hand to share a delicious chocolate cake and surrounded by a collection of Madmeat prints and cards providing an evocative display the release was launched. Edson was present to discuss his work and celebrate his success. Eddie writes under a pen name and claims that only three of his friends are actually aware of the fact he’s a prominent author. Dividing his time between his Las Vegas home, a friend’s Malibu Beach house and another friend’s condo in Miami Beach, Eddie is not one to stay in one place for too long. Freely admitting that his goal is to become a kept man, so that he can give his full attention to his creative pursuits, he has also been known to go by the name Eduardo while working as a houseboy and boasts that his most clever pick up line to date has been “I vacuum.” Aside from these endeavors Edson also enjoys doing photography and carpentry and likes cooking and gardening when he’s not writing.

Meanwhile, through 'Irresistible Illusion' Eddie has taken us on the journey of his character Bradley Craft, a confused and frustrated man, who is trapped by his past and doesn’t know how to change the present in order to have a future. Growing up in a religious and unforgiving family Bradley was unable to explore who he is and grow up into the man he was supposed to become. Instead, he watched his older sister Lauren become banished from the family after admitting she was a lesbian and he learned to survive by keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself. Now an adult, he gets by in a job he navigates, but doesn’t thrive in and spends his time mostly alone and lonely communicating very little with people outside of his professional responsibilities.

Bradley’s life changes dramatically through a series of actions and events beginning with his creation of an alter ego named Candice. Exploring different sides of himself and his sexuality as a cross dresser while jumping into the world of women’s wigs and clothing, Bradley finds acceptance from some and distain from others and even faces physical harm by being in the wrong place and not understanding the hierarchy existing in his surroundings. In his travels he also meets Brandy and Jenny, who open his eyes to new experiences and emotions. Jenny, a free spirit who was raised as a nudist, proves to be an unexpected gift, while the beautiful and emotionally damaged Brandy provides a lustful connection Bradley has never found before. Another addition to his life is the reappearance of his sister Lauren, who tracks him down and ironically encounters him on the street while he’s decked out as Candice. Perhaps, the most poignant and human moments of the book are the pages in which the two reconnect and Bradley is given the opportunity to rekindle the feeling of unconditional love he felt from his sister as a child. There’s also unexpected consequences for Bradley as a result of splitting his time and body with Candice; some of which invade the normalcy of his previous lifestyle and even spread to his workplace effecting others.

While there are many amusing and evocative moments the reader gets to experience with Bradley and Candice, there is also the harsh truth and reality that few people are truly as free and trauma free as they might appear to be from the outside. They all carry scars and survive situations that are unseen to the casual observer, yet nonetheless effect how they live their lives. One thing Edson manages to shine a light on in this novel is that regardless of people’s lifestyle preferences they all share the same human need and desire for love, companionship, understanding and acceptance.

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