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Swimming is healthy, affordable, recreational enjoyment. Las Vegas is dotted with several fabulous in-door pools throughout Clark County through Parks and Recreation. But what if you want to take a little excursion and need a tempting destination?

As an avid swimmer, here are a few that I love.

Want a truly great natural 95+F mineral water healing-swim and camp experience for $30?

Go to the Shoshone, CA, RV Campground, about 75 miles from Vegas, where their 45-foot-long pool is constantly fed with fresh hot mineral water through a rain spout that doubles as a back massager! This pool is only available to those registered in the Campground or Shoshone Inn.

Shoshone mineral water is reputed to be beneficial with calcium, iron, magnesium, boron, selenium, sodium, fluoride, potassium, carbonates, bicarbonates, sulfates! No smell. No slime. No chlorine. Intensely relaxing and situated in a peaceful, landscaped mini-park, in a community with many activities like birding, hiking, pupfish sanctuary, old ruins, and more: http:/shoshonevillage.com/shoshone-rv-park.html 

Pool hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Check while registering.

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Photo: courtesy of Marianne Donnelly

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Photo: courtesy of Marianne Donnelly

Seven miles down the road is the tiny wonderful "Mudhole" at Tecopa Hot Springs. Here you can take a 102-104F mineral mud-bottom soak at the free natural spring just off the road (no signs, ask anyone to point it out). Simple. Safe. Delightful. No camping. No amenities. No toilet or shower. Respectful attire-optional.

If you don’t want mud, go soak at Delights Hot Tubs for a $35 day fee with time limit, or rent a cabin with access.

Tecopa Hot Springs Resort, a mile away, has updated, charming room rentals, with on site, mineral tub access (some with private mineral tub) and other amenities like art shows and music events many weekends.

Pahrump has Preferred RV Resort, with membership, or as a member-guest for a fee, use their 45-foot heated year-round pool with retractable cover!
A lovely club-house and congenial staff await. No tents. Lovely Cabin rentals or RV sites can be booked. Clean. Quiet. Charming.
Often there are activities like movies as a side benefit that you can enjoy. I watched “Do Not Disturb,” shot on location at nearby Amargosa Opera House and Hotel of Death Valley Junction, as a guest! Great fun.

The fascinating Spring Mountain Lake and Race Track are also in Pahrump. For a day-fee they offer rental paddleboats, swimming, aerialjets and more near their racetrack where corvette cars "practice!"

Remember, water is safe when you are aware.  Do not engage in water sports if you are under challenging medications or intoxicants.
Try to go with a friend. Do not submerge your head if you can’t swim, or are afraid. Take breaks. And strangely enough, drink bottled water because you will dehydrate!

Never venture into open-waters like lakes, rivers, oceans, without serious swim and float training, or a partner.
You are your own lifeguard, always!

Happy swimming!
Marianne Donnelly performs living- history shows as Louisa May Alcott, Janis Joplin, and others, and is a theatre and travel reviewer.


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