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"Goldfield Days 19th Annual Festival 2019"

When Goldfield was booming at about 20,000 people, Las Vegas’ population was only a few hundred and was known as the Gateway to Goldfield!

Times changed and Vegas' diverse population exploded, caused by many factors, not the least being the Hoover Dam project.

Goldfield and other boom towns dwindled massively after the "rush." Yet, Goldfield's lore and lure remains shining, like the golden-nugget of a community it is. The best time to be there for weather, culture and opportunity, is the first weekend in August. RUSH! GO!

Goldfield Days - Poster courtesy of Goldfield Chamber of Commerce

Their 19th annual Goldfield Days, packed with intriguing attractions that no other Nevada festival offers, will be held August 2-4. (See Flyer). This is also their annual land auction (on Saturday). Parcels go quickly, especially with renewed interest in local mining.

Filled with history, outrageous car-art, a full range of geology gems to buy or mine, renovated historic buildings, quirky cool museums, intact miner homes, antiques, independent small shops, local lineage-characters and newcomers, such as Burning Man "community-builders" who add "new life" to "olde tymes," makes this a must-stop photo-op on 95N (about half way between Las Vegas and Reno). All this is packed within a few mile radius! GOTTA GO!

Shopping here will reward you with "one of a kind" collectables. Lodging is scarce, but not impossible most of the year. Clever tourists book a room months in advance of this annual event. I highly suggest checking "Air B&B" for rental-gems off the radar.

Consider sharing a rental house with others, or sleep in Tonopah, about 30 miles North of Goldfield, where the cozy, cute Clown Motel, Historic elegant Mizpah, and other lodging, is plentiful.

Due to spotty wifi or cell service in Goldfield writing down clear directions to your lodging is a must. Ask for landmarks or milage from a village landmark, as addresses are whimsical and quite out of numerical order. That is part of the local fun-flavor.

I love the open-air mining-artifacts museum at their adorable local library; the Radio Museum run by a brilliant, engaging owner; the welcoming Mozart Tavern and Patio; Goldfield Stop Antiques and Inn; the International Art-Car Forest, an outdoor free museum; the Dinky Diner filled with local pictures, booklets and really good food and the engaging residents! The town Courthouse also has displays of interesting historical documents, articles and period pieces, all free to see. On a recent tour, I was charmed by all of it, and I'm going back to experience whatever I missed.

An art scene is blossoming, such as one 12,000 square foot historic building, complete with ballroom and original fixtures, that is being lovingly rescued by BM volunteers and others, which will become a hub for future artistic events and unique opportunities.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And cooler weather and higher elevation is soothing in Summer; so, be tempted to go to Goldfield by looking at these photos. You will truly enjoy all this town has to offer.

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