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By Judy Thorburn This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Owner/Editor in Chief/writer - Las Vegas Round The Clock

Owner/Editor in Chief/writer - The Flick Chicks
Director of Communications - Nevada Film Alliance

Showbiz Roast for Oscar Goodman

Beloved 3 term Las Vegas Mayor and author, Oscar Goodman, sat in the hot seat, or in this case, the luke warm seat for the second in the series of Producer Andy Walmsley's  ShowBiz Roasts which took place in the showroom at The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino on July 23.

Oscar Goodman Showbiz Roast 24548
Oscar Goodman
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Acting as Roastmaster was Tropicana headliner Murray SawChuck who led the roster of roasters featuring well known Las Vegas entertainers and personalities:  Zowie Bowie aka Chris Phillips, comedian Geechy Guy, actress/ singer Pia Zadora. comedy magician Mac King, Chef Carla Pellegrino, legendary impressionist Rich Little, The Amazing Johnathan, Lola the Showgirl, aka Penny Wiggins (the sidekick of Amazing Johnathan), conservative talk-show host Heidi Harris, Rick Dale of “Rick’s Restorations”; singer/entertainer Clint Holmes, radio personality Chuck Buchanan, journalist Norm Clarke, and comedian Michael “Wheels” Parise.   Musical back up was supplied by The Lon Bronson Band and electric violinist Lydia Ansel.

Due to the fact that the previous roast ran nearly four hours, producer Walmsley made some adjustments to ensure the Roasters didn't go over and beyond their allotted time limit.  Each speaker was given three minutes to rattle off some humorous barbs before lights flashed and smoke was emitted from the podium to let them know their time was up.

Andy Walmsley Showbiz Roast 24746
Producer Andy Walmsley
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Oscar Goodman, always the good sport, was ready and willing to handle any of the expected verbal attacks and harmless jabs that was thrown his way. Yet, rather than targeting him, most of the roasters took turns blasting each other as if fearful of repercussions from the former mob attorney. Nevertheless, there were plenty of comical moments plus additional entertainment provided by The Phat Pack and The Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin impersonators) and surprise guest, Robert DeNiro impersonator Robert Nash which made for a fun and enjoyable show.

The evening's festivities included a pre show party in the lobby featuring an Elvis, Liberace and Abraham Lincoln impersonators, Las Vegas show girls and a red carpet with Oscar Goodman, local celebrities including Producer Andy Walmsley,; 4 Queens headliner comedian and former Roastmaster Mike Hammer; comedian Gallagher; singer Janien Valentine and singer/entertainer Joey Scinta; singer Lorena Peril and her musician husband Ray Jon Narbaitz; Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion; singer/ magician Ben Stone and his main squeeze, Former American Idol finalist Jasmine Trias; Fantasy dancer (and Murray's wife) Chloe Louise Crawford; singer Skye Dee Miles; Stratosphere PINUP headliner/former Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair, beauty queens Mrs. Nevada, Mrs. Washington and Mrs. U.S. Globe and more.

Amazing Jonathan Showbiz Roast 24631
Amazing Jonathan
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Chef Carla Pellegrino Showbiz Roast 24613
Chef Carla Pellegrino
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Chet Buchanan Showbiz Roast 24635
Chet Buchanan
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Clint Holmes Kelly Clinton-Holmes Showbiz Roast 24739
Clint Holmes and Kelly Clinton-Holmes
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Galagher Lola Penny Wiggins Showbiz Roast 24609
Gallagher and Lola the Showgirl (Penny Wiggins)
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Lydia Ansel Chris Phillips Showbiz Roast 24653
Lydia Ansel and Chris Phillips
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Mac King Showbiz Roast 24707
Mac King
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Michael Wheels Parise Oscar Goodman Geechy Guy Showbiz Roast 24774
Michael "Wheels" Parise, Oscar Goodman and Geechy Guy
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Rick Dale Showbiz Roast 24582
Rick Dale
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

 Pia Zadora Showbiz Roast 24718
Pia Zadora
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Rich Little Showbiz Roast 24685
Rich Little
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Amy Clark Showbiz Roast 24791
Mrs. Washington America, Amy Clark
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Anne Martinez Showbiz Roast 24710
Anne Martinez
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Claire Sinclair Showbiz Roast 24733
Claire Sinclair
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Alicia Perrone Victor James Showbiz Roast
Alicia Perrone and Victor James of Fans of Jimmy Century and two friends
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Galagher Showbiz Roast 24585
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

iCan The Robot Showbiz Roast 24667
iCan the Robot
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Janien Valentine Joey Scinta Showbiz Roast 24650
Janien Valentine and Joey Scinta
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Jasmine Trias Ben Stone Showbiz Roast 24698
Jasmine Trias and Ben Stone
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

John Katsilometes Showbiz Roast 24676
John Katsilometes
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Justin Spencer Recycled Percussion Showbiz Roast 24638
Justin Spencer of Recycled Percussion
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Liberace Impersonator Daryl Wagner Showbiz Roast 24619
Liberace impersonator Daryl Wagner
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Lilian Aguilar Showbiz Roast 24788
Mrs. U. S. Globe, Lilian Aguire
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Mike Hammer Showbiz Roast 24766
Mike Hammer
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Neise Cordeiro Showbiz Roast 24784
Mrs. Nevada Globe, Neise Cordeiro
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Peter Pavone Abe Lincoln Showbiz Roast 24660
Peter Pavone as Abe Lincoln
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Ray Jon Narbaitz Lorena Peril Showbiz Roast 24801
Ray Jon Narbaitz and Lorena Peril
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Shayma Tash Showbiz Roast 24725
Shayma Tash
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Skye Dee Miles Showbiz Roast 24753
Skye Dee Miles
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

The Phat Pack Showbiz Roast 24665
The Phat Pack
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

The Rat Pack Showbiz Roast 24702
The Rat Pack
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Proceeds from the second Showbiz Roast benefited Oscar Goodman's favorite charity, the Miracle League of Las Vegas, that enables children with cognitive and or physical challenges to play baseball on a unique cushioned field at its facility, The Miracle League Engelstad family park in Las Vegas.

The next ShowBiz Roast is set for October 4 with "Divas Las Vegas" headliner/female impersonator Frank Marino as the roastee.  Of course,  I expect the show will be nothing short of “fabulous”.

The D Word Celebrates Grand Opening at LVH

The D*Word-A Musical (*Ditched, Dumped, Divorced and Dating) celebrated its Grand Opening at LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on Thursday, Aug. 1. Local entertainers, including the cast of FANTASY, Raiding the Rock Vault, Trent Carlini, Murray Sawchuck, Jeff Civillico and Steven Phenegar from Tournament of Kings walked the red carpet, posing with show creator Jeanie Linders and The Big D*.

Before heading into Shimmer Cabaret for the night's performance, show goers were treated to a pre show cocktail party inside Tempo Lounge, where cast Angie McKnight, Laura Wright, Maddie Casto and Sarah Hester Ross and creator Linders greeted guests, enjoyed pre-show cocktails and posed for photos with celebrities.

Read more about The D* Word in this week's edition of Jacqueline Monahan's column “About The Town.”

Steven Phengar of Tournament of Kings kisses Jeanie Linders
D* show creator Jeanie Linders and Steven Phenegar from Tournament of Kings on The D*Word-A Musical’s red carpet
Photo credit: Ron Koch

DWord Cast and Jeanie Linders
The D*Word-A Musical Cast with show creator, Jeanie Linders
Photo credit: Ron Koch

Cast of FANTASY attend The DWord Opening Party2
FANTASY cast walk the red Carpet at The D*Word-A Musical Opening Party Red Carpet
Photo credit: Ron Koch

Murray Sawchuck and Chloe Crawford With The Big D at Opening Party2
Murray Sawchuck and wife Chloe Crawford with The Big D*
Photo credit: Ron Koch

Trent Carlini and Ashley Belle on The DWord Red Carpet2
Trent Carlini and Ashley Belle walk the red carpet at The D*Word-A Musical Opening Party
Photo credit: Ron Koch

Heather Marianna's Pet Product Line Launched at Fundraising Event

Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna, the YouTube host popular for showing people how to be spa fabulous without spa prices, launched her Lucky Luciano Pet Products line on Tuesday, July 20 during a fundraising event that took place on the patio of Park on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Fifteen per cent of the sales from the pet products, which includes a luxury dog shampoo and unisex pet perfume, was donated to Adopt a Rescue Pet (ARP). Lucky Luciano Pet products was named after Marianna's pet pomeranian that she rescued from ARP.

Below are some of the local celebrities and their pet pooches that were on hand for the launch of the pet products and to show support for Adopt a Rescue Pet.

Charity Auction Items Park at Fremont 25091
Charlity auction items
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Heather Marianna Park at Fremont 25102
Heather Marianna
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Murray Sawchuck Chloe Louise Crawford Park at Fremont 25129
Murray Sawchuck, his wife Chloe Louise Crawford and their dogs
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Peter Pavone Heather Marianna Park at Fremont 25111
Peter Pavone and Heather Marianna showing Lucky Luciano pet products
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Robert Nash Amy Hanley Park at Fremont 25137
Robert Nash and Amy Hanley
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Savanna Rae Brown Candiace Dillard Lexe Richardson Jennifer Jones Park at Fremont 25140
Miss Jr. Teen United States Savanna Rae Brown, Miss United States Candiace Dillard, Miss Teen United States Lexe Richardson, and Ms. United States Jennifer Jones
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Michelle LeFong Park at Fremont 25132
Michelle LaFong
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Mayoral Proclamation Park at Fremont 25145
Mayoral proclamation
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Additional recent and upcoming “happenings” in and around Las Vegas include:

David Saxe Productions celebrated the third year milestone of VEGAS! THE SHOW and the third anniversary of Mayor Oscar Goodman’s proclamation of August 5 as “VEGAS! The Show” Day.

Since its opening in the summer of 2010, over 1.5 million guests have enjoyed the production, created and produced by David Saxe and choreographed by Tiger Martina, that tells the story of the history of Las Vegas through music and dance from Vegas’ most memorable icons.

Mayor Oscar Goodman with David Saxe and Tiger Martina
Oscar Goodman, David Saxe and Tiger Martina

Couple Get Engaged onstage at EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL

Photo courtesy of Evil Dead The Musical

On Saturday, July 27, Joseph Wolowsky proposed to his girlfriend Elizabeth Morgan, onstage at EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL inside the V Theater at Planet Hollywood. Sirc Michaels, producer and director of EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, said Wolowsky contacted him a week earlier saying that he and his girlfriend ,Elizabeth Morgan were big Evil Dead fans and were coming to the show.  Wolowsky asked if he could propose to Elizabeth on stage as part of their special occasion. "We were excited to figure out a way to make that happen. It was a surprise for Elizabeth and we needed to make sure it stayed that way." said Michaels.  The team behind The Vegas Strip's bloodiest show worked with Wolowsky on exactly how, when, and where the big event would take place to ensure maximum excitement and also maintain the element of surprise he was looking for.

After all the preparations, during intermission, the emcee called Wolowsky onstage under the pretense of winning a special prize. Wolowsky made his way to the stage, with his girlfriend, where after a few moments of talk, the emcee gave Wolosky the mic and the proposal took place. There were tears and hugs and, maybe most importantly of all, she said yes.

Singer JAIME LYNCH recently stepped into the limelight as the lead singer in FANTASY at the Atrium Showroom at Luxor Hotel & Casino.

Jaime Lynch 3
Jaime Lynch
Photo courtesy of FANTASY

“FANTASY is ever-evolving to showcase the most beautiful and talented women in Las Vegas,” said Anita Mann of Anita Mann Productions, the production company behind FANTASY. “With Jaime as our new headliner, we look forward to introducing exciting new performances featuring our gorgeous dancers and new leading lady.”

Lynch has established a name for herself in Las Vegas by headlining and performing in numerous shows on the Las Vegas Strip including “Peepshow,” “VEGAS! the Show,” “iCandy Burlesque: the Show” and “Sirens of TI.” She also has performed as the lead vocalist and emcee in the “Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Revue,” starring Carmen Electra. She has appeared on numerous television shows including VH1’s “Celebrity Eye Candy,” MTV’s “Trip Out Las Vegas” and was a finalist on the first season of FOX’s “THE X FACTOR USA.”

Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas resorts have once again been recognized for several offerings by Vegas Seven’s annual “BEST OF THE CITY” awards.  This year, Caesars Entertainment ranked number one in numerous hotel, dining and entertainment categories including: “Best Tourist Food That’s Actually Food,” “Best Condiment,” “Best Alternative Sunday Brunch,” “Best Boutique Hotel,” “Best Strip Headliner,” “Best Actor” and “Best Piece of Vegas Auto History.”  The 2013 “Best of the City” awards received by Caesars Entertainment are as follows:

Gordon Ramsay BurGR, located inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, was praised for its unique dining options, taking the “BEST TOURIST FOOD THAT’S ACTUALLY FOOD” award for the Devil Dawg.

BEST CONDIMENT” was given to Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace, for its distinct style of ketchup.

KJ Dim Sum at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino was chosen as “BEST ALTERNATIVE SUNDAY BRUNCH” for its variety of food and brunch choices.

The 181-room Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace was selected as the “BEST BOUTIQUE HOTEL,” offering an intimate, luxurious feel from the furniture to the amenities.

Coco Austin was named “BEST STRIP HEADLINER” for her role as Bo Beep in PEEPSHOW at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Vegas Seven chose Martin Kaye, the talented piano player and actor in “Million Dollar Quartet” at Harrah’s Las Vegas as “BEST ACTOR” for his portrayal of Jerry Lee Lewis.

The Auto Collection located on the fifth floor of the Quad Resort & Casino was recognized as the “BEST PIECE OF VEGAS AUTO HISTORY.” The collection showcases a unique museum filled with 250 vehicles from different time eras and places all over the world.

GERRY MCCAMBRIDGE, The Mentalist, performed his 2,000th show in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 27th making him the longest running show of its kind in the city's history.  McCambridge brings a combination of magic, comedy and mind tricks in his show that is staged in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort. Performances are Thursdays through Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.

On August 4, Marquee Nightclub debuted FREEDOM SUNDAYS, a lavish weekly party by LGBT promoter Eduardo Cordova. Celebrating equality every Sunday night, the event is the first of its kind to debut in a major nightlife venue on the Las Vegas Strip. The premier brought out Las Vegas notables including cast members from Rock of Ages as well as Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas, Joshua Strickland from Peepshow, Chippendales dancers Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis and Reichen Lehmkuhl and Chip Arndt, best known for competing on The Amazing Race. Held in Marquee’s Boom Box Room, the packed crowd danced to the sound of DJ Nick Ayler under spectacular laser shows, and singer Rokelle wowed guests with a special performance of club anthem “Bullet”.

Marquee FREEDOM Sundays
Freedom Sundays
Photo credit: Gabe Zapata

Rokelle Marquee FREEDOM Sundays
Photo credit: Gabe Zapata

Joshua Strickland Marquee FREEDOM Sundays
Joshua Strickland
Photo credit: Gabe Zapata

Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis Marquee FREEDOM Sundays
Jaymes Vaughn and James Davis
Photo credit: Gabe Zapata

Derrick Barry from Divas Las Vegas Marquee
Dereick Barry of Divas Las Vegas
Photo credit: Gabe Zapata

August 5, VÉRONIC Voices star and vocal phenomenomVéronic DiCaire, joined the cast of MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET onstage for a special guest performance at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Performing the voice of June Carter for the first time ever, the vocal impressionist sang a duet of “Jackson” alongside MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET cast member, Benjamin D. Hale, who portrays Johnny Cash in the production. This was the first time a guest performer has been invited to sit in with the Las Vegas Company for an on-stage jam session. In Chicago and in New York, MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET has rocked out with performers such as Melissa Etheridge, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lesley Gore and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Veronic MDQ 8  Gabe Ginsberg Vegas Kool
Veronic with Million Dollar Quartet
Photo credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Vegas Kool

Veronic MDQ 1  Gabe Ginsberg Vegas Kool
Veronic with Million Dollar Quartet
Photo credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Vegas Kool

World-renowned artist MICHAEL GODARD will visit Wyland Signature Galleries Las Vegas in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian on Friday, August 9 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fans and art collectors will have the opportunity to view new pieces, purchase art, meet Godard and have pieces personally autographed as part of this event.

The College of Southern Nevada Fine Arts Gallery will present “POST RURAL”, a group exhibit by a loosely formed collective of artists whose work engages with the shifting notions of rural spaces.  These artists include:  Brad Allen, James Bailey, Kevin Bell, Matt Hamon, Karina Hean, Trey Hill, Nicole Pietrantoni, Edgar Smith, Noah Wilson.  “Post Rural” opens Friday, Aug. 9 and will run through Friday, Sept. 27. A reception with refreshments will take place on Friday, Sept. 20, from 6 - 8 p.m.The CSN Fine Arts Gallery is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The Performing Arts Center/Fine Arts Gallery is located at the half circle drive near the Cheyenne campus main entrance, 3200 E. Cheyenne Ave., one mile east of I-15 North. T
Rock band DAUGHTRY, led by American Idol Season Five finalist Chris Daughtry, will bring its high-energy performance to the Mandalay Bay Beach Friday, Aug. 23 at 9 p.m. Tickets are priced at $49.50.

The LAS VEGAS IMPROVISATION PLAYERS continue their summer lineup of improvised comedy and music shows with a new performance on Saturday, August 24 at 7:00pm. The “all new, every time” comedy improv show is hosted at the American Heritage Academy, located at 6126 South Sandhill Road in Las Vegas. Tickets are only $10 and available for purchase at the door which opens at 6:40 p.m.

Adult actress and HBO Sexpert, KATIE MORGAN, will host a sexy bash at Crazy Horse III and Best Bangin’ Booty contest at Posh Boutique Nightclub on Saturday, August 24. The booty shaking contest will provide participants with the chance to show a panel of guest judges their sexiest dance routines.
Movers and shakers will vie for the chance to win $3,000 in cash and prizes.Partygoers will join Morgan at Crazy Horse III to be a part of her new party television series as she films at the award-winning gentleman’s club.

CRUSIN' CLASSICS – A NIGHT AT THE DINER,” featuring ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll music with a narrative, comes to the Suncoast Showroom August 30 through September 1.Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available from $15.95 each, plus tax and convenience fees.

THE DISNEY STORE will celebrate the grand opening of the brand new store at Fashion Show Mall on Saturday, August 17.  The Store at Fashion Show Mall is one of many newly-designed Disney Store locations set to open across North America this year, offering interactive and magical experiences for Disney fans of all ages. Disney Store’s new design concept aims to “Create Magical Moments for Guests of all Ages” through immersive storytelling neighborhoods featuring a Disney Princess Magic Mirror, translucent trees, and the Disney Store Theatre featuring the latest Disney entertainment.

The Disney Store Opening Ceremony will take place at 10 a.m and a lucky child will “Unlock Imagination.”  The first 500 guests will receive a free gift (while supplies last).  From 12 noon to 4 p.m there will be a Meet and Greet with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in the Great Hall. Don’t forget to bring your camera!**  **Characters alternate every 30 minutes. Character appearances are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Celebrity Sightings:

Thursday night, July 25...

Comedian and actor Shawn Wayans, accompanied by his girlfriend, was spotted partying at TAO Nightclub’s Worship Thursdays.

Friday night, July 26...

Divas Las Vegas star Frank Marino was spotted dining at the just opened Carmine’s inside The Forum Shops at Caesars.

Marino also hosted the first ever Night School 4 Gays class at Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. Adapted from the fun and frisky Night School 4 Girls class, both guys and girls were invited to learn some naughty moves, including pole dancing tricks and a burlesque routine. A portion of proceeds from the class went to The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

Frank Marino at NS4Gays
Photo courtesy of Frank Marino's Night School for Gays

The cast of FANTASY hosted the launch party of “FANTASY Fridays”  at LAX Nightclub at Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Also spotted at the club was Jabbawockeez performer, Jeff "Phi" Nguyen

The FANTASY ladies with FANTASY comedian Sean E. Cooper at LAX Nightclub
The FANTASY ladies with FANTASY comedian Sean E. Cooper at LAX Nightclub
Photo credit: Karl Larson/Powers Imagery, LLC.

The FANTASY ladies with Jabbawockeez star Jeff phi Nguyen at LAX Nightclub
The FANTASY ladies with Jabbawockeez star Jeff “Phi” Nguyen at LAX Nightclub
Photo credit: Karl Larson/Powers Imagery, LLC.

The Cast of FANTASY in their VIP booth at LAX Nightclub
The cast of FANTASY in their VIP booth at LAX Nightclub
Photo credit: Karl Larson/Powers Imagery, LLC.

Floyd Mayweather, boxing's reigning pound for pound king, celebrated his friend's birthday dining at Hakkasan Las Vegas inside MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

Also spotted at Hakkasan Nightclub were actors and comedians Damon and Marlon Wayans, who were celebrating Marlon's birthday with a group of five friends in the Ling Ling Club.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Hakkasan's main room, clubgoers danced late into the night to the hits of resident DJ deadmau5 and his two new signature mau5bots.

Hakkasan LV - Damon and Marlon Wayans - Ling Ling Club - July 26 2013 hires
Damon and Marlon Wayans
Photo Credit: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC.

Hakkasan LV - deadmau5 with mau5bots - July 26 2013 hires
Photo Credit: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC.

Hakkasan LV - Marlon Wayans - Ling Ling Club - July 26 2013 hires
Marlon Wayans in the DJ booth
Photo Credit: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC.

LA Clippers player Chris Paul tipped off his charity weekend in Las Vegas for the Official Top Spin Charity Pre-Party at LAVO. He started the evening at the Italian eatery, accompanied by other NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Jerry Stackhouse, After dinner, the group then headed up to the club where they danced the night away at a VIP table while drinking cocktails and tequila. Actor Robbie Jones later joined the group.

Actors David Spade and Kevin Farley were also spotted dining at LAVO Italian Restaurant.

Saturday night, July 27...

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul hosted the Official Top Spin Charity After-Party at TAO . He fueled up for the night at TAO Asian Bistro where he dined with fellow NBA star Jerry Stackhouse, brother CJ and friends. After dinner, they took over a VIP table on the dance floor at TAO Nightclub. Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook joined CP3 where they were seen sipping on drinks and partying to the sounds of DJ Mr. Mauricio.
Other NBA notables spotted partying at TAO  included Greg Ogden, Nolan Smith, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers, Mike Conley Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets player Alan Anderson.

Earlier that night, singer Josh Groban enjoyed dinner at TAO with friends.

At LAVO Nightclub, celebrity chef Curtis Stone was spotted with actress wife Lindsay Price and friends.

Carmelo Anthony Russell Westbrook Chris Paul TAO
Carmello Anthony, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul
Photo Credit: Al Powers, Powers Imagery

Chris Paul and Brother CJ Paul
Chris Paul and brother CJ Paul
Photo Credit: Al Powers, Powers Imagery

Rap sensation Fat Joe  put on a special live performance at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens.

Fat Joe Performance Chateau Nightclub
Fat Joe
Photo credit: Bryan Steffy of WireImage.

The Wayans Brothers, Shawn and Marlon were spotted at HERAEA inside Palms Casino Resort. The brothers performed at The Pearl before heading to the sports restaurant with friends to enjoy an after show meal.

In the afternoon, former NBA player, Mike Bibby  was also spotted at HERAEA with his girlfriend.

Sunday, July 28...

Rapper, singer/songwriter and actor Snoop Dog (aka Snoop Lion) attended  ROCK OF AGES at The Venetian Las Vegas.

Snoop Lion with cast of Rock of Ages
Photo courtesy of Rock of Ages

Actor Robbie Jones, best known from the television series “One Tree Hill” and his lead role in the film “Temptation,” was spotted enjoying dinner at LAVO Italian Restaurant.

Tuesday, July 30...

World-renowned DJ and record producer Tiesto was spotted at The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas for a day of shopping.

Also seen at Crystals was Pussycat Dolls founder, Robin Antin, who sipped on coffee with her friends at Crystals’ new Starbucks location.

The stars of the new show, The D* Word- A Musical, currently playing at the Shimmer Cabaret inside of The Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, were spotted at The Australian Bee Gees Show at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino.

Thursday, Aug. 1...

GRAMMY Award-winning artist Estelle danced the night away at Hakkasan Las Vegas.

Estelle Hakkasan Nightclub
Photo credit: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC.

Friday, August 2...

After performing for a sold-out crowd, pop boy band, One Direction headed to HERAEA inside Palms Casino Resort for an after-show celebration.

Reality TV star Vinny  Guadagnino of the hit series ‘Jersey Shore’ and  friends partied at PURE Nightclub.

Korean pop sensation PSY partied at  Hakkasan Nightclub MGM Grand Hotel & Casino for the first time.

 Saturday night, August 3...

Legendary musician John Oates was spotted hanging out backstage at Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino prior to the 7 p.m. performance on Saturday, Aug. 3.

Grammy Award-winner Bruno Mars headlined at TAO Nightclub. Joined by a group of friends at a VIP table on the dance floor, Bruno was seen dancing before making his way into the DJ booth  alongside DJ Politik.

Bruno Mars TAO Red Carpet
Bruno Mars
Photo credit: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC.

Bruno Mars TAO Nightclub
Bruno Mars with friends
Photo credit: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC.

NBA star Roy Hibbert was also spotted partying at a VIP table with friends at TAO Nightclub.
Musical duo, Breathe Carolina, partied at The ACT Nightclub inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian | Palazzo, alongside the band Boys Like Girls and Brandson Saller of Atreyu.

Accompanied by members of his new band, Hell or High Water, Saller and his crew enjoyed a night out after a performance at Downtown Las Vegas.

Sunday, August 4...

Reality television personality and former Jersey Shore cast member, Vinny Guadagnino was spotted at HERAEA inside Palms Casino Resort. The fist-pumping celeb had a relaxing lunch with friends on the restaurants’ patio, which overlooks the Palms Pool.

 A-list actor and producer Will Smith dined at Hakkasan Las Vegas inside MGM Grand Hotel & Casino with his trainer and several friends while in town training for an upcoming movie.

Monday night, August 5...

Former NHL player, Eric Lacroix was spotted at the all-new Carmine’s Restaurant inside The Forum Shops at Caesars.

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