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The Hunger Games: The Exhibition - A Ticket to a New World

The Grand Opening of The Hunger Games: The Exhibition was held at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on June 7, 2019, and featured a red carpet that included The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2 actor Elden Henson (Pollux), Las Vegas celebrities Frank Marino, Adam London, the cast of Friends! The Musical Parody, and Marriage Can Be Murder.

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Elson Henson poses with the costume he wore in The Mockingjay films

Hunger Games 6717

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Exhibition Mural

A bevy of decadent Effie Trinkets assisted exhibit officials (Lionsgate, Cityneon Holdings Group, Victory Hill Exhibitions, MGM Grand) with a ribbon cutting that led to the escalator-accessed entry to the exhibit, a fitting metaphor; film aficionados with remember that District 13 is indeed underground. All of this takes place in an area of the MGM Grand called, appropriately, The District. The escalator ride is one-story down, and the box office is to your left.

Hunger Games 6715

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Effie Trinket X Four

Entry to the exhibition includes a commemorative ticket, a circular, lenticular-motion memento that moves the image as you change its direction. Your humble correspondent chose a mockinjay surrounded by fiercely dancing flames when manipulated.

hunger ticket

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Commemorative Ticket

You will be greeted by the call of the mockingjay as you enter into the world of Panem, the dystopian society featured in The Hunger Games Trilogy by author Suzanne Collins. You will encounter interactive exhibits, dozens of costumes from the film (actually worn by the actors) a car of the luxurious Tribute Train, President Snow’s Office, a trivia room, and an archery training and competition starring – you!

Hunger Games 6725

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Inside the Interactive Trivia Room

Interactive screens can be activated to describe each district and “muttations” (yes, two t’s) which are the animal variations in each region. Everywhere, life-sized mannequins adorned in actual costumes from the film stand in mute testament to both the sumptuousness and the grim atmosphere evoked by Panem’s extremes in societal norms.

Hunger Games 6729

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Katniss Everdeen's Wedding Dress

Hunger Games 6730

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Featured Costume

Other large screens show clips from the films, immersing and reminding the visitor where he is and referencing particular plot points along the way. You may travel at your own pace and linger at particular places of interest.

Pictures outdo any words that can be used to describe the experience. In galleries reminiscent of a museum, visitors can flex their trivia muscles in a group setting, sit behind President Snow’s massive desk, and view elaborate gowns and rebel gear from the films. All can be photographed, and the exhibit welcomes visitors to pose in each setting.

Hunger Games 6728

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Your Humble Correspondent as President Snow

Exhibit after exhibit reinforces the climate of teen warfare and social inequality, one that leads to a long-smoldering national rebellion. Themed rooms open into others until you arrive at the last, but most anticipated interactive exhibit - the archery training and competition.

hunger bag

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Before entering this special area, you will be given goggles and an arm guard in preparation for your archery session. Housed in a separate room attached to the rest of the exhibit and entered through a heavy metal door, the archery area can accommodate 18 players at once.

Hunger Games 6720

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Elson Henson/Interactive Archery

There are three rounds of play with automatic scoring by area. Because your humble correspondent possesses the upper body strength of an over-cooked noodle, wielding the bow was challenging. The farther back you can manage to pull your string, the farther and faster your arrow (which has a special padded tip) will hit the digital board at targets that score points.

About that digital board: with an area of over 60 square feet, it is officially the largest digital touchscreen of its kind in the world, as verified and authenticated by none other than an attending representative of the Guinness Book of (World) Records.

Hunger Games 6762

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Welby Altidor of Cityneon Holdings and Michael Empric of Guinness  World Records

There is an exit through the gift shop where, if you’ve ever coveted a mockingjay pin, now’s your chance to own one.A ticket brings the world of the Hunger Games to life – ironic because it is mainly a game of death. You’ll live the experience, shoot the targets, and appreciate Panem’s official proclamation: 

"May the odds be ever in your favor."


The Hunger Games: The Exhibition
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Las Vegas, NV 89109
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 Hall of Costumes