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By Jacqueline Monahan

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Ainsworth Game Technology Opens North American Headquarters in Las Vegas

It’s that great big white building with the giant, stylized “A” that you see as you’re zipping along the 215 beltway at Jones Boulevard.  That “A” stands for Ainsworth and that building is the North American Headquarters for Ainsworth Game Technology (AGT).  AGT develops and manufactures gaming machines and game combination software for use in casinos.  Think video slots.


Ainsworth Logo

The Sydney, Australia-based AGT serves properties in Australia, Macau, and Singapore.  Its Las Vegas-based North American headquarters serves U.S., Canadian, and Latin American casino properties which comprise 65 % of AGT business. It is the fifth largest gaming manufacturer in the United States, specializing in product development from conception to installation, including service and support.
A formal dedication and ribbon cutting for the manufacturing and distribution facility took place on Friday, September 30, and was attended by 94-year old Executive Chairman Len Ainsworth, the Australian businessman and founder of AGT.  Known as “the father of video poker” Ainsworth’s decision to make Las Vegas, Nevada his North American headquarters has meant the creation of jobs, something for which both Governor Brian Sandoval and Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak offered thanks and recognition.

Governor Sandoval

Governor Brian Sandoval

"We (Las Vegas) are the gold standard in gaming," said the Governor, as he commended Mr. Ainsworth on his decision to build and open the facility in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.  County Commissioner Sisolak echoed the sentiment saying that with the building’s addition to the area, it has become “the high-tech hub of the valley.”  Sisolak also presented a proclamation making September 30 Ainsworth Gaming Day.

In addition to Governor Sandoval and Clark County Commission Chairman Sisolak, speakers at the dedication included President- (AGT North America) Mike Dreitzer, who hosted the event; Chief Executive Officer (AGT Australia) Danny Gladstone, American Gaming Association President Geoff Freeman; National Indian Gaming Association Chairman Ernie Stevens Jr.; and American Gaming Equipment Manufacturers President Marcus Prater.

National Indian Gaming Association chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr. thanked Ainsworth the company (for its support of tribal gaming - 184 member tribes strong - in the form of a 10 year, $100,000 donation to NIGA) by presenting Ainsworth the man with a badge of honor in the form of an eagle feather staff pin. UNLV President, Len Jessup, lauded a partnership with AGT to provide $20,000 annual scholarships for the next three years to its International Gaming Institute.  Miguel Cuadros, President (AGT Latin America) was also in attendance.

High Ceilings

High Tech Stairway
Representatives from the offices of Congresswoman Dina Titus, Senator Dean Heller, Congressman Joe Heck, and State Senator Becky Harris were on hand bearing certificates and proclamations honoring the gaming industry giant. Senator Harry Reid’s representative presented Len Ainsworth with an American flag that had been flown from atop the capitol building.

A ribbon cutting ceremony followed, with the Governor and Mr. Ainsworth wielding giant scissors in front of the main entrance of the giant building.  Talk about Go Big, or Go Home! Attendees were then invited inside for tours and refreshments in the demo room.

What’s a demo room?  Only one of the most engagingly technological 21+ playrooms, full of Ainsworth slots with HUGE credits.  No payouts, of course, but hours of no-risk play to get a feel for each state of the art machine.

Demo Play

Demo Room Machine with Credit

The massive $40 million-dollar, 291,000 ft. space (for perspective, there are 5280 ft. in a mile) sits on 23.7
acres, and is one of the largest manufacturing spaces built in Nevada in recent years.  It houses nearly 200 AGT
employees with enough room to expand operations in the future.

Slot Poster

Slot Poster

An employee break room is large and inviting.  Hallways are full of door-sized posters of slot games and their mascot images.  Rumble Rumble, an iconic Ainsworth game features a bull; King Cat, a panther.  Dragon Lines?  Guess.  You get the picture.  Offices are sleek and high-tech, clutter-free with clean lines that speak of crisp efficiency.  The enormous manufacturing and shipping areas are able to produce and ship products by truck or plane, domestically or worldwide.

Break Room

The Break Room

AGT North America became operational in April, 2016 but the dedication was held until after the close of the Global Gaming Expo, or G2E (held in Las Vegas, of course) on September 29th.  During that Expo, Len Ainsworth, was presented with the first Jens Halle Memorial Award Honoring Excellence in Commercial Gaming Professionalism.  The WWII veteran has an astounding 60 years of experience in the slot machine industry, starting in 1953 when he founded Aristocrat Leisure, one of only two gaming markets at the time (Las Vegas was the other).

So the next time you see that large white building with the enormous red “A” on the side, know that inside its vast interior are Las Vegans working at cutting edge technology in a global market, courtesy of an iconic visionary from down under.

And that is due to much more than just luck.

Fun Fact:  Three of the day’s speakers are co-owners of NFL Football franchise The Green Bay Packers.  They are:  Steve Sisolak, Ernie Stevens, Jr., and Geoff Freeman, president of the American Gaming Association.