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 By Jacqueline Monahan
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Variety is the “Space” of Life at Tea Space

It’s brewed, it’s black, it’s green, it’s herbal, it’s boba.  At Tea Space, you and 15 of your closest friends can each order something unique, with no repeats.  Then, another 20 customers could arrive and do the same.

The drink choices are as numerous as the space (no pun intended) is bright and inviting.  Nestled in a tiny strip plaza on South Decatur Boulevard that includes Mrs. Williams’ Diabetic Treats and Puppy Love Dog Grooming, Tea Space’s tidy little shop offers a mammoth variety of flavor-infused hot tea, cold tea, smoothies, slushes, yogurt drinks, and juices.  Coffee lovers can find their favorite caffeinated beverage on the menu as well.  In fact, there’s even a coffee-flavored milk tea for those who have to have it all.  Something for everyone, indeed.


Friendly staff

With so many flavors to choose from in each category, the familiar (mango, peach, almond, chocolate, caramel, strawberry) mingle with the uncommon (wintermelon, lavender, rose, passion fruit, lychee, taro, kumquat) to create customized concoctions to warm you, to chill you, and even to make you chew.  Yes, your drink can be made with boba.

Boba are black tapioca pearls that can be added to any drink, to increase flavor, temperature, and fun.  They are sweet, (honey) and added hot; they have the mouth-feel of a soft gummy bear.  They are a texture more than a specific flavor, but enhance any drink with their spherical novelty.  An extra-wide straw is provided to vacuum them from the bottom of your transparent cup into your mouth.  You control how many, if any at all, with each sip.

To add to the fun, drinks can be topped with egg pudding, aloe, a shot of ice cream, and either lychee or rainbow jelly.  The dilemma begins when you’re handed the extensive paper menu upon arrival.  Do I want the Sea Salt Latte?  The Rose Yogurt?  What is the difference in flavor between a red bean and a green bean?  What is taro?  How does aloe taste?

Rose yogurt

The combination possibilities alone are enough to make even the most decisive customer pause and reconsider.   Friendly tea-ristas (my word for them) will be happy to take you through the lengthy list of brews, flavors, and products, explaining ingredients and making suggestions for the hesitant or undecided visitor.

Your humble correspondent found out that Okinawa-style drinks are sweetened with brown sugar, while the Hokkaido style is made with imported milk which imparts a creamy, caramel flavor.  All drinks are made to order, so there may be a slight wait, but it will be worth it.  There are caffeine-free and lactose-free versions, and when milk is used, it is growth hormone-free.


The drinks you have to pay for but prices are reasonable, from $2.79 - $4.47.  Additional toppings are .50 each.  That will (literally) give you something to chew on.

Tea Space is one place where you won’t have to be told to “suck it up!”


For further information:
Tea Space
3466 S. Decatur Blvd.  Suite #E
Las Vegas, NV  89102
(702) 888-3128 |  Opens each day at 12:00 pm