By Jacqueline Monahan
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The Windows Showroom at Bally’s, while still hosting the long-running Tony n Tina’s Wedding, now features a show that looks at what sometimes happens AFTER the nuptials and the honeymoon, when the journey through matrimony veers into the not-so-happily-ever-after.

Divorce Party Las Vegas is an 80-minute song and dance fest (nightly, 8:00 p.m., dark Fridays) that features parodied lyrics and the four women and one man who bring them to life.

Divorce Party 33515
Michelle Johnson, Jacquelyn Holland-Wright, Robin Berry Vincent and Kelly Ward
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

After Linda (Kelly Ward) loses her husband Steve to a gay relationship (we never see him) she rallies the troops - her divorced and remarried sister, Carolyn (Jacquelyn Holland-Wright) her gay cousin, Courtney (Robin Berry Vincent) and married friend Sheila (Michelle Johnson) for a weekend of support that includes massage, ice cream intervention, cosmetic surgery advice and sex toy appreciation.

Amid all of this estrogen, Jeff Brooks interjects a little testosterone into the festivities with various portrayals that range from pizza delivery boy to overzealous massage therapist, to amorous Italian personal trainer, to an absolutely “faaabulous” fashion/makeover stylist to…an enormous vibrator called The Rabbit.

Divorce Party 33488
Jeff Brooks
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Irreverent and spirited, the In-Your-Face show teeters on the edge of inappropriate – and all of it is on purpose.  Raucous banter centers on life after divorce, the challenges of relationships, and picking up the pieces by putting down the junk food and improving one’s appearance and outlook on life.

Not for kids or the overly sensitive, Divorce Party Las Vegas is a fun girls’ night out that is lively at best, mildly vulgar in its less appealing moments.  One song refers to pubic hair as an African bush that must be tamed.  Another dance number features stripper-like movements as if they were a natural progression for a woman freed from the manacles of a bad marriage.

Playing on women’s struggles with insecurities, song parodies address topics like waxing “down there” (Groom, Groom, Groom), cosmetic surgery (My Favorite Things) the power of self-stimulation (Greased Rabbit) the allure of the older woman (I Am Cougar) and the camaraderie of men who require no sexual payback (Gay Guys are a Girl’s Best Friend).  That last one is a show-stopper, courtesy of the fearless, multi-faceted Mr. Brooks.

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Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Conceived and written by Mark Schwartz (Menopause The Musical) and author Dr. Amy Botwick (Divorce Party and Moving On Handbook) the issues and songs that address them, are familiar territory to audiences, many of whom cheer on the ladies in their quest for empowerment amidst bawdy banter and bump ‘n grind behavior.

Divorce:  It’s going to happen to half of the marriages in the U.S. eventually.  Might as well make it an adult party, with toys.  Batteries ALWAYS included.

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Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn