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By Dianne R. Davis

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Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

THE 2011 Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show - A Vegas Natural

Here’s to you. L’chaim. Cheers. Bottoms Up.  The cups were small, but the liquor was pouring non-stop at the annual nightclub and bar convention (NCB) and trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 7 to 9.  The event, which attracted more than 28,000 visitors, included more than 600 exhibitors and occupied more than 80,000 square feet with booths touting various brands of liquor as well as items related to the industry.


The show is designed for individuals and businesses associated with the nightclub and bar industry. Attendees included owners, bartenders, disc jockeys, marketing personnel, and servers. The exhibitors included suppliers that work with these industries and ranged from lighting and sound specialists to spirit and hangover recovery suppliers.

Seminars on such topics as “Make Your Beer Menu Count” and “Bar Food For Thought” were part of the show.  But this is Vegas and parties at well-known night spots were included in the convention package.  Hey, it is a nightclub trade show. Conventioneers attended parties at Haze (City Center) Pure (Caesar’s Palace) and Marquee(The Cosmopolitan) .  Many also got Club Passes to The Bank, Jet, Lavo, Krave, and Lax.


The trade show floor seemed like one giant party.  Beverage suppliers of an alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety appeared to dominate the exhibitions..  My husband/ photographer had a new sample every time I turned around.  He was especially impressed with the wide variety of flavored vodka products being promoted. They ranged from black tea to peanut flavoring.


I was lured to 4 Orange Vodka, a display area with beach chairs, sand, beach size shade umbrellas, and of course bottles of Vodka. I spoke with Chester Brandes, CEO of Imperial Brands, Inc., a spirits and wine import company that is a subsidiary of Belvedere S. A.

I admit that I don’t know very much about liquor and had never stopped to think about what goes into to it.  But this one is certainly interesting.  Brandes explained that other brands may add Orange flavoring to Vodka, but this one uses the real thing.  It takes 20 oranges to make one bottle of their vodka.  They actually use four different kinds of oranges: Temples, Valencia, Hamlin and Parson Brown.  The taste, he said, “speaks for itself.”  He also mentioned that it is gluten free.


There were quite a few tequila manufacturers exhibiting, many making a variety of marguerites.  My husband said he needed the limes to prevent scurvy.  The spirits of Mexico exhibit featured tequilas from 23 manufacturers.  A special craft beer display featured products from seven suppliers..  A Jim Beam display featured whiskey soaked huge red cherries.  Wow-or at least that‘s what my husband said about the cherries.


If attendees consumed too much alcohol, they could check the wide range of suppliers exhibiting and offering energy and anti-hangover drinks.   THE best approach was to focus on business, as I do, and check out the non-alcoholic beverages ranging from Coca-Cola to just plain old cold water.



The Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show is scheduled to return to Vegas next year on March 12-14.  If you have any association with the industry, Check their website at  and put the date on your calendar. Cheers!

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