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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

Interview with Tim Piper, star of "Just Imagine - A Musical Tribute to John Lennon"

Alexa Fisher age 7 – Future WSOP Winner

Among the many interesting individuals I met at the WSOP was Alexa Fisher, age 7.  You’ve got to wonder what a child that young is doing there.  Did dad drag the kid there?  Absolutely not.  This adorable little girl from Cibilo, Texas, near San Antonio. is a veteran poker player.


She began counting at age 3.  “I started showing her playing cards,” her dad Justin told me. “She wanted to learn poker.”


Alexa is poised and happy with a beautiful genuine smile on her face.  She was having  the time of her life at the WSOP meeting players she has seen on TV.  When I met Alexa  in the hallway at the Rio, she was wearing a WSOP shirt filled with autographs.  She had two hats, one on her head, the other attached to her pants, both filled with autographs.  She carries her own sharpie.

Poker Pros Annie Duke, Danny Horowitz, and Rafe Furst pose with Alexa


She knows what she wants.  “I would want to be a poker player and fashion model probably,” she told me.  This is not a kid with dad answering for her.  I asked her what she likes about poker.  “It’s fun to me,” she said.  And it is be working for this girl.  She gets A’s in math.

Poker Pro Humberto Brenes and Alexa


Obviously playing options are limited when you are 7, but Alexa has managed to play in some charity events.  She recently entered her first tournament where she said, “I lasted well and beat half the field.”  My goodness, the kid speaks the language of poker.  What makes it fun?  Well, she told me that “sometimes, when I was four, I would get something when I won.”

Mom and dad certainly don’t limit her play to poker.  What else do you do for fun, I inquired.  “I just like to play with my friends and cousins.”  Alexa recognizes the top names including Phil Ivey, Joe halchum, Greg Reimer, and Stephanie Michael.  Barbara Enright is one of her favorites because, Alexas told me, she [Barbara] was the only woman to make it to the final table.

While I watched, Alexa signed an autograph for poker pro Daniel Horowitz.  I suspect she’ll be signing a lot more in the future

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