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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

Unique Ice Cream Eatery Opens in Henderson

Ginger Corbett’s desire to help a friend with lactose intolerance has turned into a new store where you can bring the family for customized ice cream.  Atomic #7, located in front of the Galleria in Henderson has arrived just in time to serve as a remedy for the sizzling summer temperatures.

"'I couldn't believe that a friend who is lactose intolerant had no options for ice cream, unless she went the sorbet route," said Atomic #7's co-creator Ginger Corbett. "We thought about how many people out there have food allergies or want to try a healthier option and that's how we came up with the concept."

The shop offers custom, make to order ice creams, milkshakes, hot puddings and smoothies.  According to Ginger, treats can be created to be vegan or gluten free OR organic, accommodating a variety of taste preferences and food allergies.

Referring to a sign in the store, I asked Ginger what makes her products “trustworthy treats”.  She pointed out what should have been obvious to me.  All the preparation is done in full view of the consumer.  You can select your own ice cream ingredients including the milk which can be cream, soy, almond or others, the type of sweetener including organic sugar or agave syrup (a particularly good alternative for diabetics), flavoring from bananas foster or peanut butter to Ghirardelli chocolate; and the extra "elements" such as  organic choices of blueberries, crystallized ginger and peanut butter cups, among others.

I treated myself to two scoops.  The first was pistachio ice cream. I used almond milk as per Ginger’s suggestion. Excellent choice. The second scoop was Ghirardelli chocolate with chocolate chips. Delicious.

You can watch your culinary treat being prepared right in front of you, a mix of science, nature and entertainment. Thus the name of the store --  Atomic #7, named for the seventh element on the period table,nitrogen. Atomic #7 uses a patented atmospheric freezing process to create the custom ice cream or guests can choose to have their treat heated for a steaming, hot pudding.

The smoke surrounding the mixing machine gives the customer the feeling of watching a mad scientist at work.  The white lab coats add to the unique sight and assure the customer of the cleanliness of the entire work area..

Treats are served in Vegan friendly and gluten free homemade waffle cones or bowls or in an eco-friendly dessert cup.

Certified as a Vegan food outlet, offering USDA Organic products and certified as a Green Business, Atomic #7 is open for school field trips to teach good nutrition and science facts to students. With its customizable desserts and the absence of all pesticides and chemicals, Atomic #7 is the perfect place for those with diet restrictions such as lactose intolerance, Celiac Disorder, Autism, ADHD, diabetes as well as carb-conscious and vegan lifestyles.

Atomic #7 is located at 605 Mall Ring Circle # II 0, Henderson, Nev. 89014 in the Galleria Mall shopping center. A menu of items is available at

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis


Monti Rock is Ready to Marry You -- at Badda Bing

Monti Rock III is outrageous. If Monti is in the room, you can’t miss him.  His wardrobe is flamboyant, he carries himself like royalty, and he always seems to have a deal in the works.

I attended Monti’s second annual 70th birthday party in late May at Rick Belcastro’s Badda Bing Club.  I know what you’re thinking, why would Monti be at a gentlemen’s’ club?  After all, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who is there for the girls.

He was there to celebrate the second anniversary of his 70th birthday and to make a major announcement.  Monti wants to marry you.  And that is possible.

He has the credentials.  He is the very Reverend Monti, ordained at the Florida Academy Institute of Religion.  And now, he has the venue.  Rick Belcastro, owner of Badda Bing,  gifted Monti with the first ever wedding chapel in a gentlemen’s  club in the United States, perhaps even in the world.  Rick is 100% behind this new concept. “ We're old-school Vegas and I believe that Sin City Fantasy Weddings will reinvent the whole nuptial vows scene.” He said.

The newly opened Chapel of Lust Wedding Chapel is located on the second floor of the 15,000 square foot Badda Bing club.  The club resembles a Spanish mosque with Moroccan architecture and towering palm trees. Red velvet curtains frame the entrance to a main room with vaulted ceilings, an elevated main stage, a full bar and sunken, semi-private areas with plush couches.

Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

Upstairs, a circular balcony, party room and VIP Skyboxes give a view of the club.  This is where the Chapel is located.  It can accommodate up to 100 people and is complete with fireplace, leather couches, and other comfortable seating, banquet facilities, full bar, and private access elevator. And of course, the very Reverend Monti Rock III.  What else could a couple want for their very adult Las Vegas Nuptials.

Monti even had a real live couple there for an abbreviated example of the nuptials he performs.  He has married about 100 couples in the last three years.

Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

Yakup Kale and  Pamela Kale, first couple married in the Chapel of Lust, pose with owner Rick Belcastro, far left, and the very reverend Monti Rock III.

Although media had been told that Monti would be making an announcement about a TV show and his “scandelicious unauthorized biography”, no announcement was forthcoming.  That figures; he is too busy living his scandelicious who-knows what-will-come-next life!

To learn more about the club, check out

Vocal Soup To Perform at Orleans

by Dianne Davis and Judy Thorburn


Sometimes the soup may be delicious, but it’s hard to tell which one ingredient  makes it special.  Such is the case with Vocal Soup, a combination of four extraordinarily talented performers with amazing chemistry, who can be seen doing what they do best at the Orleans Showroom on Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13 at 8:00 p.m.

Martin Nievera,  Susan Anton, Clint Holmes and  Domenick Allen have joined forces, or voices, to create an evening of entertainment in the old Vegas style.

Martin Nievera,  Susan Anton, Clint Holmes and  Domenick Allen
Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

And don’t think for a moment that these veteran performers are resting on their past achievements.  As Holmes said in a recent press conference, “Nobody phones it in.  We have been rehearsing five to six hours a day for a two night booking.”

It’s all about entertainment and having fun.  There is no choreographer but Clint adds, "We all direct the show.  There is total contribution from each of us."

I asked them about the demographic.  Who would enjoy their show.  Susan responded, "The show appeals to a wide variety of people.  We do ballads, rock, music from the Woodstock era, the 60's such as Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, and so on.  We offer a very eclectic night of music... good music by good singers with a smokin' band".


"We really work together 90% of the show, but we all have our own segment", added Susan.  Each performer covers a different genre. You’ll also hear Holmes doing Burt Bacharach.  Martin covers ballards, Domenick bring his rock and roll roots to the mix and Susan "throws in soul and a bit of everything".


According to Nievera, “We want to be the first new Vegas act to welcome back to Vegas singers who speak to their audience. Its not just another show. We are trying to make a statement that the Vegas lounge act is back; the personality driven show like (that of) Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra.  We miss that!


For more information call the Orleans Showroom Box Office at 702-365-7075  Vocal Soup performs Saturday and Sunday Jun 12th and 13th. Showtimes are 8pm each night. Tickets are $29.95 - $49.95 +tax & fees.

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