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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

The Chippendale's at the Rio Suites Hotel and Casino

Interview with two of the Chippendale dancers:

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Chippendales is Delight for the “Girls”

They are hot, they are sexy and they are fun. The Chippendales are the perfect night out for the “girls.”

In a city populated with Gentlemen’s Clubs and “girlie shows”,  there are a small number of  productions aimed at the female market.  I’ve seen a few and recently had the opportunity to finally see the Chippendales.  Nobody does it better! Women from 18 to 80 can’t help but be entertained by these charming hunks as they display the physical attributes that won them their spots on stage at the Rio.


It’s not surprising that the guys just celebrated their 3,000th show.  Although men might enjoy the Chippendales, make no mistake, it’s all about the girls.  I choose the word girls, not women, because these delicious males bring out the oogling, admiring screaming girl in us, no matter our age.  We yell, we scream, we admire the men’s physiques as they come on stage in various costumes.  Our volume goes up as their clothing comes off.  We reach a peak as they reach a minimum.  We don’t see it all; we have to imagine that final image in our mind’s eye, but we come close.  As the last bit of cloth is removed, the theater darkens. Darn.

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

The men come out with hard hats, dressed as construction workers equipped with large hammers. For music, there are tunes like “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”  They gyrate, they strip, they show their derrieres.

Music ranges from the peppy “Old Time Rock N Roll” to the soft sensuous “Take Your Breath Away.”  Other  production numbers have men on motorcycles or sailors swabbing the deck in full whites.  And of course, the guys get to strut their stuff as we listen that perennial favorite, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

During the show, women are picked from the audience to get up close and personal. Well, not that personal, but some of the gals go on stage with the hunks.  Others might catch a tear away shirt as it is tossed toward the seats. If you miss out on those  opportunities, the cast members will meet you in the lounge after the show to chat and take photos.

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn


Life is good!

After all, being a sizzling, sensuous hulk does not preclude being an intelligent articulate gentleman.  Ladies, get a group together and visit the Chippendales at the Rio. They are tasteful, sexy, and just naughty enough.


Hooter’s and the Dirty Joke Show are Good Match

If you like Dirty Jokes, then head over to Hooters for “The Dirty Joke Show”.  The premise is simple.  Comedians  Geechy Guy, Todd Paul, and Mickey Joseph sit around trying to one-up each other with dirty jokes.

The set is simple.  It’s the alley in back of the business.  Some of the jokes are old, some are even older. If you want a show full of new material, go elsewhere.  For the most part, these are jokes we laugh at every time we hear them.

Photo credit: Stephen Thorburn

Remember the one about the wife who has either syphilis or Alzheimer’s?  The doctor suggests the guy drop her off a few miles a way.  If she finds her way back, then don’t…. Okay, get the idea.  The jokes fly out in rapid succession from the three comedians on stage.  I sat with pen in hand, ready to write down some of the jokes to put in this column.  But hey, the show is called “The Dirty Joke Show” for a reason.  So if you like dirty jokes, Hooters is the perfect place for this show and 11 p.m. is the right time.

(photo of Kevin burke)

Kevin Burke was a special guest the night I saw the show.  I suspect there will be others dropping by to join the three already on stage.

If dirty jokes are your thing, then you’ll be able to go back more than once as the jokes do change.


2nd Annual Silver State Regional Chili Cook-off Held at The Village Lake Las Vegas

More than 1,000 visitors turned out for the second annual Silver State Regional Chili Cook-Off at the Village Lake Las Vegas on February 13th.  The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was festive, and the Chili was delicious.

Dozens of chili makers who cooked up either Red Chili or Chili Verde offered samples to the men, women, and children that turned out to enjoy the festivities.  The event was sponsored  by the Village,  Lake Las Vegas,  and Sonrisa Grill and sanctioned by The International Chili Society (ICS).  In addition to the chili samplings, there was a raffle and giveaways.  A DJ and children’s’ entertainment rounded out the afternoon.

Many of the cooks also participated in A People’s Choice competition based on the votes of the visitors.  There were no
rules for this category so the cooks were able to use their imagination and creativity to try to win the vote.


Chef Rodney Ignaci of Casino Monte Lago won the people’s choice award, while Russell Barnes won the Salsa Award, Al Henry won the Chili Verde award, and Mike Stewart took first place for Red Chili.


Prizes ranged from $200 to $400 for the winners.  Visitors were able to buy a tasting kit for a $5. donation to a local charity.  Then, with the spoon, cup, and napkin, they could taste to their heart’s delight.


Several of the booths were elaborately decorated adding to the fun.


This was the kind of event that families could enjoy. Many of the cooks had met at previous cook-offs so there was a sense of camaraderie and connection among them.   It was reminiscent of small town USA in the summertime.

MonteLago Village Resort offers Beer Brewing 101 workshop March 13

For clarification: MonteLago Village Resort is a separate entity from Casino MonteLago. MonteLago Village Resort continues to be open providing services and a one-of-a-kind experience to customers. The business operations of MonteLago Village Resort will not be affected by the closing of the Casino MonteLago.

MonteLago Village Resort and Brewmasters Steve MacMillan and Jon Christensen are presenting  the “Brews Best Village Beer Fest”, a special workshop on craft beer brewing.

Guests that purchase the Beer Fest overnight package at MonteLago Village Resort or pre-purchase tickets for the “The two-hour workshop will discuss brewing techniques, procedures and hands-on demonstrations introducing the basic processes to brewing beer. Former UNLV brewing science instructor Steve MacMillan, now Brewmaster of White Pine Brewing Company located in Ely, Nev. will teach the workshop. Joining MacMillan will be Jon Christensen, a graduate from the world famous Siebel Institute of Brewing and Brewmaster for the local Joseph James Brewing Company.

Several beers will be presented for sampling before the workshop ends and the “Brews Best Village Beer Fest” begins in The Village.   The event will be held on Saturday, March 13th.  The workshop begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends with a ber sampling at 1:00 p.m.  From 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., visitors can enjoy the “Brews Best Village Beer Fest”

The brewing class is only open to guests that have purchased advance tickets to the “Brews Best Village Beer Fest” or have purchased the overnight Beer Fest package from the Resort. The Beer Fest package starts at $129 and includes an overnight stay and two passes to the “Brews Best Village Beer Fest” in The Village. For more information or to book a package, please call 1-888-600-2688 or visit Those interested in only pre-purchasing tickets for the “Brews Best Village Beer Fest” can visit

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