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By Dianne R. Davis
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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis unless otherwise indicated.

Xavier Mortimer Brings His Dream to Life with Magic at Sin City Theater

Xavier Mortimer has a dream job. The 32 year old French-born magician at the Sin City Theater at Planet Hollywood entertains audiences of all ages with his show Xavier Mortimer's Magical Dream. Give this performer a hand of appreciation. After all, how many magicians use a hand which periodically emerges from a box and interacts with the star as a prop. Different? Yes. This likable performer who shined in Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson's ONE has developed a show with winning doses of pantomime and personality.

When a large balloon enters, crosses the room, and bursts on stage with him seemingly emerging from the balloon, you know this is not your typical magic show. There are five major components - Xavier, his assistant Belle, a mirror, a screen though which you are entertained by shadows and that amusing hand which keeps emerging from a box.

xm2017 02 11 Xaiver Mortimer 0005
Belle - The elusive lady in the yellow dress
Photo credit: Ira Kuzma

Xavier's story line – his quest to win Belle - the woman in the yellow dress – carries us along through the 1¼ hour show. You'll see images on a screen, shadow play, a flying broom, ample doses of magic, and a bit of levitation.

IMG 5489
Photo by Dianne R. Davis

IMG 5488
Photo by Dianne R. Davis

There are no huge tricks, no disappearing cars or tigers. Instead, there is the thought that you'd like this guy to be your brother, boyfriend, or son. He emits a feeling of joy and fun as he plays his clarinet as shadows of duplicate Xaviers play other instruments on a screen.

xm2017 02 11 Xaiver Mortimer 0003
Photo Credit: Ira Kuzma

There are a few traditional Vegas tricks. Tossing the ball to audience members who pick names at random which he later presents, leaving us wondering how he could write down the chosen names and get them onto a paper which he takes from his mouth!

2017 02 11 Xaiver Mortimer 0033
Photo credit: Ira Kuzma

The small room gives you an aura of up close and personal. The early hour allows for children or seniors to join Xavier in his magical dream. It is always nice when performers stick around after the show to chat with fans, sign autographs and allow you to take pictures with your own camera. Xavier Mortimer performs nightly at 7:00 PM. except Wednesdays. Get tickets through ticketmaster or call Planet Hollywood at 702-785-5555. Go see Xavier Mortimer and enjoy! - get some good Joomla extensions now!



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