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Photos by Burt Davis or Dianne R. Davis

We found out about a spot called SAMMY’S LA Pastrami and Burgers and thought we had hit upon a place to get New York style knishes and chopped liver with pastrami. Wrong! This is not a New York deli. It’s not a fast food restaurant either.  All food is fresh cooked to order.  It is an awesome sandwich shop serving a variety of sandwiches and other food made on their grille or deep fried.  You won’t find a Caesar or Cobb Salad on the menu. If you are worried about cholesterol or calories, go elsewhere.  If  you want a unique dining experience where the food is what counts, stop in at one of Sammy’s two locations.

The L.A. Style Pastrami
The Philly

Their signature sandwich is the LA Pastrami which is simply grilled pastrami, mustard and pickles on a steak roll. ($7.99 -$12.99) But, they serve up the pastrami in a variety of sandwiches combined with ingredients such as chili, polish sausage, bacon and hamburgers. My wife and I shared a pastrami sandwich as well as a Philly Cheese steak ($7.99-$12.99) sandwich—wow, just don’t think of the calories.

Pastrami Burger
Chipotle Burger

Sammy’s cooks up 13 different hamburgers ranging from the basic burger to the Zombie Burger. This $10.99 beauty consists of ¾ pound of burger, a hot link, sautéed onions, peppers, grilled bacon, mustard, and onion rings.

Bacon Cheddar Fries

Sammy’s touts its famous fries and Fry Plates.  For the uninitiated, Fry Plates consist of fries enhanced with various combinations of chili, pastrami, onions, peppers, cheese and rib eye steak.
also sampled a small order of their garlic Romano fries.($2.99)  The cheese and garlic salt enhanced the unique flavor of the fries.  We also tried the fried mushroom and mozzarella appetizers along with the mini corn dogs and boneless chicken wings.($9.99 for 4 items)  Although these items were pre-frozen they had no greasy after taste.


Chicago Dogs

There are 13 different hot dog/sausage combinations on the menu ranging from the authentic Chicago Dog to a basic bratwurst.

Although it is housed in a structure not more than  about 17 feet wide by about 60 feet deep, customers kept coming through when we were there.  Many did take out; others ate at the sparse tables and chairs.  All were friendly and most said they were regulars. The décor is minimal, mostly menus. This location seats 16 inside and another 18 outside. We did enjoy the mostly 50’s and 60’s music playing as Kevin, a friendly likable guy, cooked up the orders.

Kevin serves

It’s easy to drive right by this location unless you know it’s there or are looking hard.   We ate at the East Side location at 2191 E. Tropicana. At some point, we  will certainly check out their West Side location at 4035 S. Decatur.   You can get more information at  the website,  Heck, go to the website just for the fun of it.


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