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By Burt Davis
Photos by Burt Davis or Dianne Davis unless otherwise noted

Sometimes you get more than you expect. I went to the Saxe Theater to see iCandy which is billed as “a sultry burlesque show.” There is no nudity or stripping in this production, but the seven talented dancers are attractive women dressed in scanty outfits. The high energy production includes one male dancer, a host, and three singers.

The choreography by the show's creator, Nannette Barbera, is excellent. The show has close to 30 production numbers and 100 costume changes.


And then there is Kathleen Dunbar – the comedienne. I've know Kathleen for a while now and seen her in various venues in Las Vegas. When I saw her  before the show I thought she was simply another one of the  local celebs doing the red carpet thing.

Wrong. This charming midwestern-bred woman was at her comedic finest. During the show, she entered perporting to be the company seamstress. That simply wasn't the case, but she did manage to keep the audience in stitches! Her second appearance on stage in her version of a showgirl outfit for a more matronly figure was a laugh getter.


She does two routines in the show which detail her comedic unsuccessful efforts to become a showgirl. Dunbar connects with the audience and is one of the shows highlights.


If you are looking for a good late night show, check out iCandy. Or make it a double header and enjoy VEGAS! The Show in the same Saxe theater just prior to Icandy.

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