By Bobbie Katz

When it comes to uncovering good Las Vegas entertainment, sometimes it’s necessary to look at the bare facts.

That is what Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler, the first -ever Australian magicians to hit the Las Vegas Strip, allow audiences to do with their fun and clever show, The Naked Magicians, in Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at the MGM Grand. A name that delivers what it promises, it gives a whole new meaning to the classic illusionist expression, “Now you see it, now you don’t.”

“People are surprised to learn that we are not strippers with tricks,” smiles Wayne. “I spent six years as a magician on a kids’ tv series in Australia. Magic is my first love. Mike had his own magic show. We met one night eight years ago when I went to see his show and we’ve been best friends ever since. After a couple of years of hanging out together, we decided to create a show that no one had ever seen before – a naughty magic show. We thought it was either going to be the best or worst idea we ever had.

“We spent a year working on the show,” he continues. “We wanted to come up with something really naughty and really funny and original. Bot of us were self-taught magicians and we were both comedy stage magicians. There is a lot of ad-lib and audience interaction in this show. You never know what is going to happen. It keeps us on our toes every night. But we guarantee that The Naked Magicians will be the funniest and naughtiest show you’ll ever see. It’s the comedy that drives it.”

Wayne and Tyler don’t take lightly the fact that they are performing in the same casino as David Copperfield and they feel honored that he has allowed them to come into his realm. Although the duo has performed The Naked Magician show in 250 cities around the world – 75 cities in just nine months in 2018 --in the last three years, they have spent most of their time in America and consider it their second home. They moved to Las Vegas to make the show happen.

“The idea is to make people laugh and to make them horny,” Tyler concurs. “Everyone has a cheeky, naughty side. We like to explore that in the show. We were all created by two people who had sex. You can’t deny that side of human nature. It creates a great energy in the show. However, we want the magic to be strong because we are magicians first, not strippers. I did corporate gigs for 10 years and did one for 5,000 people – with my clothes on. The first The Naked Magicians show we did was fantastic. People were cheering and cheering. The show was a little tamer at the start but has gotten cheekier and more naked over the years.”

Tyler notes that in every other country they’ve performed in as they’ve toured the globe in the last five years, they have been entirely in the buff. In North America, they abide by the regulations state by state. Las Vegas obviously has its regulations on nudity in casino performances, too.

“I had never been nude in front of more than one person at a time,” he laughs. “Christopher has lost 90 to 100 pounds. He used to be a tubby gentleman. But his weight loss was important for the show and for his health.”

“Of the two of us, Mike is the more logical one.” Wayne admits. “I’m more impulsive. It is the same with our comedy and the things we find funny. We’re different in the way we approach life. But we’re both into fitness, exercising, movies, and shows. We’re pretty similar in our personalities. And we’re both single. I’m ready to find my American girl. I love Americans and I definitely want to date Americans.”

“I’m not an object, ok?” Tyler notes, talking about the other side of dating. “When /I go on a first date, it’s often like a TV or an internet show. Women want to know how come they don’t get to see my dick.”

That’s truly the ups and downs of fame.

This article appears courtesy of Vegas Insider


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