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Photos by Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

Mother & Son Agree – Love is Lovely Show

LOVE is lovely! My son came to town on vacation with a list of shows he wanted to see. First on his list was LOVE, the Cirque Du Soleil production at the Mirage. He’d seen some of the other Cirque du Soleil shows and had heard that Love was worth seeing. So just before Thanksgiving, the two of us went to the Mirage to see Love, he for the first time and me for the second.
I asked him to send me his review of the production for this column. He called this a “starting point”, but I think he covered it pretty well so, thanks Marc for writing most of my column this week.

By My Son

With six Cirque du Soleil shows on the Las Vegas strip, it may be easy to dismiss Love as yet another Cirque. But each show has it's own flair. Love celebrates the Beatles -- the music, the legend, the talent -- with a colorful, bright, multi-sensual experience. Love is also different in that the acrobatic feats that made Cirque shows famous are deemphasized to story telling, dancing, and music. The Beatles songs are digitally re-mastered, which means the music isn't live, but true to the Beatles’ renditions.

From the first minute, the show in this specially constructed 2013 seat arena is filled with lights, amazing sets, and happy dancing clowns. The music is non-stop with barely a chance to catch your breath before the next of more than two dozen Beatle song play, more clowns dance, and large digital screens reflect the mood of each song.

During the show, I overheard a young man say, "I didn't know the Beatles sang this song. It's great."

Whether you are a child of the 60's or read about it in textbooks, it's easy to enjoy the sights and sounds that only the Beatles and Cirque du Soleil can create. You may find yourself wanting to stand up and dance to music, but that would block the view of the people behind you. And you would miss the incredible sound system with speakers built into every seat. So sit down, remain seated, and enjoy Love at the Mirage.
Vinnie Blue is Winner at New York New York

New York New York came up with a really clever pr campaign by creating a competition for their Vinny, an official spokesperson to represent their property. I was there in late November for the announcement of the winner – Vinnie Blue. We’re delighted to give you a look at New York New York’s Vinnie who, by the way told me that he is in fact a native born New Yorker.

Following the announcement of the winning Vinnie, NYNY”s Vinny signed a pledge stating,

“I Vinnie promise to be the spokesperson for New York-New York, be the ambassador to our employees, and to ensure our guests have a memorable experience with unprecedented fun.”

When you visit New York New York, keep your eyes open for Vinnie and say hi to him. I have it on good authority that he might have some nice give-aways for visitors to the Hotel/casino. Besides, he’s a lot of fun.
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